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Astronaut's Wife, The Easter Eggs DVD Eggs Viewer
Easter Eggs from the Astronaut's Wife, The DVD.

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» Astronaut's Wife, The
Region : 1 Version : n/a Studio : New Line
Release : 2000-02-08 Rating : R Genre : Sci-Fi/Fantasy

» The Egg(s) : Three Hidden Trailers
The trailers are accessed through 'Cast and Crew from the main menu. Go to filmographies for Johnny Depp to find trailers for Don Juan De Marco and A Nightmare On Elm Street. A trailer for Trial And Error can be found under Charlize Theron's filmographies. Finally you can see special thanks if you highlight and press enter on the New Line Logo.

Different versions of movies are routinely released on DVD, for different regions, special editions, and so forth. Eggs listed for a specific movie may or may not work on other releases, so feel free to give them a go.

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