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recreation and vacation travel

Maple Grove Campground

3 shady campsites at Oneida Narrows Reservoir. Fishing for walleye. Boat ramp at the Idaho Power Company campground. Motorboating, jet skiing, water skiing, and swimming are all wonderful summertime activities here. Maple Grove Hot Springs, to the north of the reservoir, is a boiling hot 172 degrees Farenheit. Area wildlife includes bald eagles, pelicans and deer.
Directions: From Soda Springs, go south on ID 34 to about 6 miles north of Preston, then turn left onto ID 36. Go about 3 miles & keep your eyes open for a sign on the right side of the road which says "Oneida Narrows." Turn left at the sign and go north along the Bear River to Redpoint & Maple Grove campgrounds.

Maple Grove Campground
Upper Snake River District
Pocatello Field Office
1111 North Eighth Avenue
Pocatello, ID, USA
Official Website
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management
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