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Discover America

( The Badger State / America's Dairyland )
Wisconsin Map The state's name is an English version of a French adaptation of an Indian name said to mean "the place where we live." In 1634, Frenchman Jean Nicolet became Wisconsin's first European explorer. The French controlled the area until 1763, when it was ceded to the British. In 1848, Wisconsin was admitted as the 30th state. Wisconsin's natural beauty has made the state a favorite playground of the nation. Vacationers enjoy the state's clean lakes, rolling hills, quiet valleys, deep forests and cool, pine-scented breezes. The winters are ideal for skating, skiing, snowmobiling and tobogganing. Many communities stage curling matches during the winter and others hold snowmobile derbies. Many annual events celebrate the state's rich ethnic heritage and diversity. With the nickname "America's Dairyland," it's no surprise that Wisconsin is first in the country in the production of milk, cheese, and butter. In fact, the loyal fans of the Green Bay Packers football team call themselves "cheeseheads." Milwaukee, the state's largest city, helps make Wisconsin one of the largest manufacturing states in the nation. Some of the famous celebrities that were born in Wisconsin include: Spencer Tracy, Frank Lloyd Wright, Heather Graham, Rob Marshall,

The Flag of Wisconsin
Wisconsin state flag Entered the Union in 1848 as the 30th State; flag adopted in 1913, modified in 1981. Various symbols of agriculture, mining, shipping, and industry are found in the coast of arms of Wisconsin. The badger over the shield is a reference to the State nickname.

Largest Cities in the State
(2000) Milwaukee, 596,974; Madison, 208,054; Green Bay, 102,313; Kenosha, 90,352; Racine, 81,855; Appleton, 70,087; Waukesha, 64,825; Oshkosh, 62,916; Eau Claire, 61,704; West Allis, 61,254
Business and Trade in Wisconsin
Agriculture: Cheese, dairy products, cattle, hogs, vegetables, corn, cranberries.

Industries: Cheese, dairy products, cattle, hogs, vegetables, corn, cranberries.

State Symbols and Emblems
  • Bird: Robin
  • Flower: Wood Violet (viola papilionacea)
  • Tree: Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)
  • Song(s): On Wisconsin
  • Motto: Forward

Wisconsin Travel - Vacation Destinations & Recreation
National parks and historic locations suitable for family vacations or day trips.

Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge - Trempealeau
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest - Park Falls
Saint Croix National Scenic River - Saint Croix Falls
Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge - Door County
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore - Bayfield
capital  Capital: Madison

statehood  Statehood: 1848-05-29

population  Population:
5,363,675 (98.8 mi2)

geographic area   Geographic Area (mi2)
    Total 65,497.82
    Water 11,187.72
    Land 54,310.10
    Rank 25th Largest

education   State Education:
    Pub & Prv Schools
    College & University

border states   Border States: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota

state health   Health Information:
    Illicit Drug Use
    Youth Risk Survey

housing   Housing: In Wisconsin, there are 2,321,144 housing units, averaging to 42.7 per sq mile.

state magazines  Related Magazines:
    Badger Nation Magazine
Posters and Artwork
Holstein Cows on Farm, Belleville, Wisconsin
Holstein Cows on Farm, Belleville, Wisconsin
Photographic Print 16" x 12"
Cross Country Skier, Hogarty, Wisconsin
Giclee Print 12" x 16"
Big Falls, Eau Claire River, Wisconsin
Photographic Print 12" x 9"
Bluffs Along the Mississippi River North of La Crosse, Wisconsin
Giclee Print 16" x 12"
University, Views of Madison, Wisconsin
Art Print 18" x 13"
US Battleship Wisconsin
Art Print 18" x 13"

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