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Discover America

( The Show-Me State )
Missouri Map Its name is an Algonquin Indian term meaning "river of the big canoes." Missouri was organized as a territory in 1812 and was admitted to the Union as the 24th state in 1821. Missouri is called the "Show-Me State," because its people have a reputation for believing only what they see. Its location and its two great rivers have made the state a transportation hub. The mighty Mississippi River forms Missouri's eastern border. The wide Missouri River winds across the state from west to east. A wealth of food, manufactured products and raw materials is shipped on these waterways, the nation's two longest rivers. Missouri has abundant wildlife, rugged hills, rushing streams and peaceful woodlands to delight hunters, hikers and photographers. The writer Samuel Clemens, known as Mark Twain, was a son of Missouri; museums in Hannibal, his home town, celebrate his works. Some of the famous celebrities that were born in Missouri include: Charlie Parker, Don Johnson, Jean Harlow, Yogi Berra,

The Flag of Missouri
Missouri state flag Entered the Union in 1821 as the 24th State; flag adopted in 1913. On a background of the national colors appear the Missouri arms framed by stars indicating its order of Statehood.

Largest Cities in the State
(2000) Kansas City, 441,545; St. Louis, 348,189; Springfield, 151,580; Independence, 113,288; Columbia, 84,531; St. Joseph, 73,990; Lee's Summit, 70,700; St. Charles, 60,321; St. Peter's, 51,381; Florissant, 50,497
Business and Trade in Missouri
Agriculture: Cattle, soybeans, hogs, dairy products, corn, poultry and eggs.

Industries: Transportation equipment, food processing, chemical products, electric equipment, fabricated metal products.

State Symbols and Emblems
  • Bird: Bluebird
  • Flower: Hawthorn (crataegus)
  • Tree: American Dogwood (cornus florida)
  • Song(s): Missouri Waltz
  • Motto: Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto (The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law)

Missouri Travel - Vacation Destinations & Recreation
National parks and historic locations suitable for family vacations or day trips.

Long Branch Lake - MACON
Neosho National Fish Hatchery - Neosho
Clarence Cannon Dam And Mark Twain Lake - Monroe City
Blue Springs Lake - KANSAS CITY
Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge - Annada
capital  Capital: Jefferson City

statehood  Statehood: 1821-08-10

population  Population:
5,595,211 (81.2 mi2)

geographic area   Geographic Area (mi2)
    Total 69,704.31
    Water 818.39
    Land 68,885.93
    Rank 18th Largest

education   State Education:
    Pub & Prv Schools
    College & University

border states   Border States: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee

state health   Health Information:
    Illicit Drug Use
    Youth Risk Survey

housing   Housing: In Missouri, there are 2,442,017 housing units, averaging to 35.5 per sq mile.

state magazines  Related Magazines:
Posters and Artwork
Missouri River Headwaters, Discovered by Lewis and Clark, Three Forks, Montana
Missouri River Headwaters, Discovered by Lewis and Clark, Three Forks, Montana
Photographic Print 16" x 12"

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