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Discover America

( The Sunflower State )
Kansas Map Kansas is derived from the Siouan Kansa or Kaw, meaning "people of the south wind," who lived south of the settlements of the northern Great Plains. It was granted statehood in 1861, becoming the 34th state in the US. Kansas is located equidistant from the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The geographic center of Northamerica is located in Osborne County. This spot is used as the central reference point for all maps produced by the government. Kansas leads the states in wheat production. In early summer, the vast wheat fields on the state's prairies look like golden seas of grain. One of Kansas' most famous towns is Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital of the World. Kansas has many reminders of its colorful past. One can still see the ruts made by covered wagons on the Santa Fe Trail. Tourists can visit the old forts that served as bases for United States cavalry campaigns against Native American tribes and a variety of local museums, showing the exciting days of cattle drives and gunslingers. Some of the famous celebrities that were born in Kansas include: Kirstie Alley, Buster Keaton, Annette Bening, Louise Brooks,

The Flag of Kansas
Kansas state flag Entered the Union in 1861 as the 34th State; flag adopted in 1925, modified in 1927 and 1963. A sunflower, the State floral emblem, appears above the State seal with figures representing pioneer life.

Largest Cities in the State
(2000) Wichita, 344,284; Overland Park, 149,080; Kansas City, 146,866; Topeka, 122,377; Olathe, 92,962; Lawrence, 80,098; Shawnee, 47,996; Salina, 45,679; Manhattan, 44,831; Hutchinson, 40,787
Business and Trade in Kansas
Agriculture: Cattle, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, hogs, corn.

Industries: Transportation equipment, food processing, printing and publishing, chemical products, machinery, apparel, petroleum, mining.

State Symbols and Emblems
  • Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • Flower: Sunflower
  • Tree: Cottonwood (populus)
  • Song(s): Home on the Range
  • Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera (To the stars through difficulties)

Kansas Travel - Vacation Destinations & Recreation
National parks and historic locations suitable for family vacations or day trips.

Waconda Reservoir (Glen Elder) - Glen Elder
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - Cottonwood Falls
Fort Scott National Historic Site - Fort Scott
Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge - Kirwin
Kirwin Reservoir - Kirwin
capital  Capital: Topeka

statehood  Statehood: 1861-01-29

population  Population:
2,688,418 (32.9 mi2)

geographic area   Geographic Area (mi2)
    Total 82,276.84
    Water 461.96
    Land 81,814.88
    Rank 13th Largest

education   State Education:
    Pub & Prv Schools
    College & University

border states   Border States: Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

state health   Health Information:
    Illicit Drug Use

housing   Housing: In Kansas, there are 1,131,200 housing units, averaging to 13.8 per sq mile.

state magazines  Related Magazines:
    Kansas Wildlife & Parks
Posters and Artwork
Downtown Kansas City
Downtown Kansas City
Art Print 18" x 13"

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