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Discover America

( The Peach State / The Empire State of the South )
Georgia Map Georgia, founded in 1732, is one of the original 13 states. It was named in honor of England's King George II. Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi; the state's large size and thriving industries have given it one of its nicknames, the Empire State of the South. During the Civil War, the fall of Atlanta was a crucial turning point in the defeat of the South. Today, Atlanta, which became Georgia's capital in 1868, is a thriving city with major national corporations, and it is considered the economic and cultural center of the Southeast. The natural beauty and famous seaside resorts of Georgia are a major attraction for tourists. Many beautiful monuments and parks, including reminders of important Civil War battles and heroes, dot the Georgia countryside. Some of the famous celebrities that were born in Georgia include: Jeff Daniels, Laurence Fishburne, Julia Roberts, Oliver Hardy,

The Flag of Georgia
Georgia state flag Ratified the Constitution in 1788, as the fourth State; flag adopted in 1956. The pillars in the seal are for the three branches of government, defended by the State military forces. The Battle Flag of the Confederacy recalls Georgia's Southern heritage.

Largest Cities in the State
(2000) Atlanta, 416,474; Augusta-Richmond County, 199,775; Columbus, 186,291; Savannah, 131,510; Athens-Clarke County, 101,489; Macon, 97,255; Roswell, 79,334; Albany, 76,939; Marietta, 58,748; Warner Robins, 48,804
Business and Trade in Georgia
Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, peanuts, cattle, hogs, dairy products, vegetables.

Industries: Textiles and apparel, transportation equipment, food processing, paper products, chemical products, electric equipment, tourism.

State Symbols and Emblems
  • Bird: Brown Thrasher
  • Flower: Cherokee Rose (rosa laevigata)
  • Tree: Live oak (quercus virginiana)
  • Song(s): Georgia on My Mind
  • Motto: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

Georgia Travel - Vacation Destinations & Recreation
National parks and historic locations suitable for family vacations or day trips.

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests - Gainesville
George W. Andrews Lake - Ft Gaines
Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge - Savannah
Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge - Savannah
Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve - Sapelo Island
capital  Capital: Atlanta

statehood  Statehood: 1788-01-02

population  Population:
8,186,453 (141.4 mi2)

geographic area   Geographic Area (mi2)
    Total 59,424.77
    Water 1,518.63
    Land 57,906.14
    Rank 21st Largest

education   State Education:
    Pub & Prv Schools
    College & University

border states   Border States: Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

state health   Health Information:
    Illicit Drug Use

housing   Housing: In Georgia, there are 3,281,737 housing units, averaging to 56.7 per sq mile.

state magazines  Related Magazines:
    Atlanta Magazine
Posters and Artwork
Construction Site in a City, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Construction Site in a City, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Photographic Print 36" x 12"
Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia
Art Print 18" x 13"
Greetings from Savannah, Georgia
Giclee Print 24" x 18"
Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, Georgia, USA
Photographic Print 36" x 12"
Greenwood Plantation, Thomasville, Georgia
Art Print 18" x 13"
Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Photographic Print 8" x 24"

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