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Articles and Resource

1. Public Charter Flights
(2002-03-10) Charter flights can provide excellent value, and they often operate nonstop in markets where scheduled flights would be less direct.

2. Security Tips for Air Travelers

3. Frequent Flyer Programs
(2002-03-10) Frequent flyer programs allow you to earn certain travel benefits based on the number of miles (or occasionally the number of trips) you fly on a particular airline.

4. Defensive Flying
(2002-03-10) Most airline trips are uneventful. However, you can take steps to reduce even further your chances of encountering problems. Here is some advice for "defensive flying."

5. Why U.S. Customs Conducts Examinations
(2002-03-10) When a Customs officer stops a traveler for a Customs examination, it does not necessarily mean that the traveler is suspected of unlawful activity.

6. Traveler's Advisory: Get What You Pay For
(2002-03-10) Whether you're planning to sun on the shores of St. Croix or ski the slopes of Zermatt, it's wise to be an informed travel shopper.

7. Personal Search and What to Expect
(2002-03-10) The U.S. Customs Service is responsible for protecting the United States against the illegal importation of prohibited items.

8. Coping with Flight Delays
(2002-03-10) Most airline trips are uneventful; however, airlines don't guarantee their schedules, and you should realize this when planning your trip.

9. Transporting Live Animals and Pets
(2002-03-10) Over two million pets and other live animals are transported by air every year in the United States. Federal and state governments impose restrictions on transporting live animals.

10. Avoid a School Break Bust
(2002-03-10) Planning a school break trip? A sunny beach? A foreign country? Skiing? If you're using a special tour package, you may think everything's taken care of. How sure are you?

11. Beware of Telemarketing Fraud
(2002-02-15) Have you ever been tempted to sign up to win a "free" trip at a fair, trade show or restaurant?

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