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Service Center

The Support FAQ provides answers to the most common questions regarding sales, refunds, and technical support.

NCBuy Customer Support FAQ

General Site Support Issues
Important Sales and Billing Support Issues
NCBuy is committed to providing you with the best support possible. Before submitting the support contacts form please note that we are unable to provide any sales or technical support for products that were not ordered directly from is not affiliated with any door-to-door sales representatives or retail outlets, nor do we resell any product or service through charity driver, local fundraisers, or mail-in order cards.

NCBuy's online discount magazine subscription service does not process or accept orders that are submitted through postal mail. If you place a magazine order through the mail and are having problems with your subscription, you must contact the company that you sent your order to.

I received a bill for something I didn't order.
If you received a bill in the mail requesting payment for a product, neither the order nor the bill are from NCBuy. All orders placed through NCBuy must be verified via credit card at the time of request. We do not mail bills requesting payment. To resolve this billing issue you will need to contact the company that is billing you.

I received a notice from a collection agency.
NCBuy does not use collection agencies. If you have received a notice, it is not related to an order processed by NCBuy. You will need to contact the agency to find out where the order allegedly originated from.

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