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Service Center

The Support FAQ provides answers to the most common questions regarding sales, refunds, and technical support.

NCBuy Customer Support FAQ

General Site Support Issues
Sales : Important Sales and Billing Support Issues
Sales : I didn't receive my activation code or receipt after placing an order.
Sales : My credit card is being rejected when placing an order.
Sales : Will I receive a CD/DVD-ROM when registering downloaded software?
Sales : NCBuy Magazine Store Ordering and Support
Technical : Downloads for Non-Windows Based Systems
Technical : NCBuy Entertainment Network Software Installation and Removal
Technical : NCBuy Screen Saver Usage and Features.
Technical : Blobs Peg Solitaire Game Play
Technical : HangARoo Game Play
Free Stuff Directory Support
Newsletter : How To Unsubscribe from NCBuy's Grumpy Ed's Goodie Guide
Newsletter : For Users Running Spam Filtering Software
Offers : How to Submit Offer Listings To The Free Stuff Directory
Offers : Reporting Errors and Bad Links
Offers : Offers for International Visitors
GameHouse Downloads and Sales
General : General Technical Problem Issue Resolution
General : My trial period has expired. Can I get an extension?
Sales : Refund Requests
Sales : There is no record of my purchase
Technical : How do I install my product on another computer?
Technical : How do I uninstall or reinstall my product?
Technical : Compatibility options for older game titles
Technical : I am being asked to insert a CD.
Technical : I get an error that says 'ActiveMARK cannot find a valid volume'.
Technical : I get an error that says 'Draw_Surface_Fail' or 'Direct Draw'.
Technical : I get an error that says 'The Page Cannot be Displayed'.
Technical : I get an error that says the product is a trojan horse or virus.
Technical : I changed my data execution settings and my game will not run.
Technical : I see a white window or screen when I launch my product.
Technical : The screen goes blank and the product does not run or it crashes.

Service contacts and support documents.

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