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This page has been established to highlight what we are doing at, and our policy regarding email communications.

NCBuy's Responsible Email Guidelines
As the Internet continues to grow, so does the volume of schemes, scams, and spams that filter through user inboxes on a day-to-day basis. At, we have always taken the position of treating our users the way we would like to be treated, and we certainly don't like seeing junk mail in our inboxes.

The following points highlight our policies related to email communications and mailing lists, and they should be reviewed by visitors, as well as other organizations interested in doing business with NCBuy.

» Email Usage Guidelines

  1. WE DO NOT purchase or trade email address or membership listings with any third party, even if said listings are claimed to be opt-in. There are no exceptions.

  2. WE DO NOT run advertisements in newsletters from other organizations. If you receive a spammed newsletter which includes a link to a page at NCBuy, it was not authorized by us.

  3. WE DO NOT send 'please come back' emails to users that have unsubscribed from our newsletters. When you delete your subscription, it's gone. You will only hear from us again if you initiate a new subscription on your own.

  4. WE DO NOT add email addresses to mailing lists that did not originate from a subscription form. When you enter your email address within contact or support forms on our site, such as the Service Center contact form, your address is only used to correspond back with you regarding the issues that you have contacted us about.

  5. WE DO NOT accept requests via email from users that wish to be notified of new services or features. If you wish to signup for one of our newsletters, you must complete the provided online forms.

  6. If you sign up for one of our newsletters, such as the NCBuy Members Center Newsletter, every time you receive an email you will find unsubscribe links at the very top of the newsletter. To cancel your subscription, just click the remove link and your membership is terminated. No fancy footwork needed.

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