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Do you have questions about the bundling of 3rd party applications with our download files? The following notes should address them!

Software Bundling with NCBuy Applications
Through our web site we distribute a variety of screen savers and downloadable games. The following policy notes address the general questions from end users and software developers regarding the bundling of 3rd party software with our programs, and the tracking and monitoring of usage.

  • WE DO NOT charge users to download our games or screen savers, unless a fee is specifically noted up front.

  • WE DO NOT monitor game play usage, nor do we package any form of spyware with our downloads.

Promotion of 3rd Party Software
If your firm has developed software that you would like to have promoted through the Web Site or applications, we would be happy to work with you.

However, prior to contacting us, please note the following terms:

  • We are unable to bundle any 3rd party software with our products that could be considered to be spyware.

  • The installation of any 3rd party software bundled with our products must be clearly noted up front. We do not auto install any software

If these terms meet your approval and you wish to discuss promotional opportunities, please contact us with further details and any questions you may have.

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