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Service Center

If you have received an unsolicited commercial email - aka 'SPAM' - please review the following incident logs. Terms of Service
This section of our User Service Guide has been established to notify users of spam emails that have been sent by other organizations that have referenced our site or services. These messages were not authorized by and per our own terms of service, we do not transmit unsolicited commercial emails.

INCIDENT: » May 24th, 2003: WebProWeird Newsletter Complaints
DETAILS: A large number of users have submitted spam complaints regarding a newsletter they had received called WebProWeird. Within this newsletter the publisher had included a link to an area in our News Center amongst various other links to sites such as CNN, Yahoo!, the Associated Press, and others.
SITUATION: We are not affiliated with the publisher of this newsletter. We are not an advertiser of theirs, nor did we authorize any such linking to our site. If you received this newsletter and you feel it is SPAM, you need to contact the publisher.
CONTACTS: Based on the materials within the SPAM complaints we have received, the newsletter was published by a company called and was sent through Accucast.

INCIDENT: » March 13th 2003: Confidential Request. A reply needed
DETAILS: Using an ISP in Togo (a small country in Africa) an Internet user going by the name of Henry Goodman Labamba claiming ties to high ranking officials from the Congo. The purpose of the email was to solicit assistance in reclaiming $24 Million that had been deposited in an African bank, and in return for assistance the user promised to give 30% of the funds to the person that helps. As a means to try and legitimize his claims, the user included a link to an area in our Country Reference center with details on Congo.
SITUATION: This email and the content within is a scam. The references to our Web site were not authorized, nor was the email sent by or through our services. The email itself is a scam, commonly known as the Nigerian "Advance Fee Fraud" scheme, for which the U.S. Secret Service has set up a task force to investigate.
CONTACTS: If you have suffered a financial loss from one of these schemes, please contact your local U.S. Secret Service Field Office. You can find the nearest office on the Secret Service's website.

If you have not lost any money, but received a solicitation, please send the information by e-mail to or FAX at (202) 406-6930. If you forward the message to the Secret Service, be sure to include the full headers in the message to assist them in tracking down the source.

For more information about the Nigerian "Advance Fee Fraud" schemes, please read the U.S. Secret Service's alert posted on its website.

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