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Today in History historic events
September 13th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on September 13th:

  • Steve Perkins
    (1967) - Musician. Porno for Pyros.
  • Milton S. Hershey
    (1857) - Hershey developed his famous Hershey Bar in the late 1800s. Hershey's first product was a line of caramels called "Lancaster Caramels." In 1937, the company created a 600-calorie chocolate bar for the U.S. Army. The chocolate bar -- called the "Field Ration D" -- was formulated to taste awful so soldiers would only eat the energy-boosting bar when they were desperate for nourishment.
  • Mel Torme
    (1925) - The singer earned more than $100,000 annually just from royalties for the 1945 tune "A Christmas Song," which he co-wrote. ("Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...") Although the song has been recorded more 1700 times, Torme once said his favorite version is the one by Nat "King" Cole. Torme died on June 5, 1999. His resting place is the 10th most popular celebrity grave site in Hollywood. Torme is just 60 feet away from Marilyn Monroe -- who is ranked as the No. 1 dead celebrity based on visitor traffic to the graveyard.
  • Barbara Bain
    (1931) - Played Cinnamon Carter on Mission Impossible. Space: 1999. Bain is now involved with a group that teaches inner city kids the joy of reading. She teaches at a school in the tough Los Angeles community of Watts and says her goal is to set up similar programs all across the country. "I've had enormous accomplishments," says Bain, "But this is the one I brag about."
  • Fred Silverman
    (1937) - TV producer. Matlock, Father Dowling Mysteries.
  • Richard Kiel
    (1939) - The 7-foot-2 actor is best known for his role as "Jaws," the steel-toothed thug who battled James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Kiel is now a devout Christian who speaks at churches and religious gatherings.
  • David Clayton-thomas
    (1941) - Musician. Blood, Sweat & Tears. "You've Made Me So Very Happy" (1969), "Spinning Wheel" (1969), "When I Die" (1969).
  • Jacqueline Bisset
    (1944) - The actress was born Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser-Bisset. Flicks: Inchon (1982), The Deep (1977), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972), Casino Royale (as Miss Goodthighs) (1967).
  • Peter Cetera
    (1944) - Singer & musician formerly with Chicago. Hits: Solo (with Crystal Bernard) "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight" (1995). With Chicago: "Saturday In The Park" (1972), "25 or 6 To 4" (1970).
  • Nell Carter
    (1948) - Actress. Gimme A Break (1981)
  • Randy Jones
    (1952) - He was the original "cowboy" in the Village People. Jones left the Village People to pursue a solo career. The current "cowboy" is Jeff Olson. In 2001 Jones released a CD that he calls an "an electronica opera combining samples from sci-fi films with techno music." The CD, Imagining Mandolins, is the first part of a trilogy that he hopes eventually will become a big screen feature.
  • Jean Smart
    (1959) - Played Chelsea Stevens on Style and Substance. Played Charlene on Designing Women.
  • Ben Savage
    (1980) - Actor. Boy Meets World. Brother of Wonder Years Fred Savage.
  • Fiona Apple
    (1977) - Apple may look like Kate Moss, but her voice makes people think of Aretha Franklin. The songstress claims that people who have never seen her expect her to look like -- in her words -- " old black woman." But Apple isn't complaining. She freely admits her vocal style is influenced by older black women including Billie Holiday and poet Maya Anjelou.
Famous and Noteworthy Events on September 13th:
(1788) - The U.S. Congress selected New York City as the first temporary capital of the United States.

(1789) - The United States government took out its very first loan in the amount of $20,000 from the Bank of New York. The cash was used to pay the salaries of the president, senators and other politicians. (Some sources incorrectly list the date of the loan as being Sept. 18. The records of Alexander Hamilton, then secretary of the treasury, show that the date was Sept. 13, 1789.)

(1899) - The first recorded auto death in the United States took place at 74th Street and Central Park West in New York City. A 68-year-old man named Henry Bliss stepped off a trolley and was hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and held on a $1,000 bail.

(1982) - Princess Grace of Monaco lost control of her car on a steep winding road in Monte Carlo. The automobile plunged 120 feet down the mountainside, overturned several times and burst into flames. She died the following day. Her 17-year-old daughter, Stephanie, was also in the car but was pulled to safety.

(1963) - The Mary Kay cosmetic company was founded by Mary Kay Ash and nine of her friends. The women came up with the idea while sitting around Mary Kay's kitchen table.

(1963) - Barbra Striesand and Elliot Gould were married.

(1977) - The Oldsmobile 88 and 98 model cars became the first U.S. diesel passenger automobiles to be distributed on a wide scale. The cars claimed to be 40 percent more efficient than gasoline versions.

(1986) - Pee-wee's Playhouse debuted on CBS.

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