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Today in History historic events
October 13th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on October 13th:

  • Ian Thorpe
    (1982) - Olympic swimmer. Won three gold and two silver medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
  • Nipsey Russell
    (1924) - Comedian and actor
  • Margaret Thatcher
    (1925) - Former Prime Minister of England. In 1979 she became the first woman prime minister in 700 years of English parliamentary history. In 1990 a British inventor created something called the "Toilet Terror" -- a porcelain bust of Mrs. Thatcher that hooked over the rim of a toilet and held a block of toilet bowl cleaner. When you flushed, water gurgled through Thatcher's gargoyle mouth. The designer says he fashioned the gadget to commemorate Thatcher's privatization of Britain's sewage and water system. A poll conducted in 1990 by London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Brits voted Thatcher and Adolf Hitler as two of the most hated people in the world. During Thatcher's heyday in the '80s, a British fashion magazine declared Maggie the most influential "model of middle-of-the-road elegance."
  • Paul Simon
    (1941) - Singer and musician. Simon and Garfunkel reunited for a concert in 1981 for the first time in more than a decade. More than 500,000 people jammed New York City's Central Park to listen to the show. Simon was born Oct. 13, 1941, not Nov. 5 which is Art Garfunkel's birthday.
  • Demond Wilson
    (1946) - Played Lamont, son of junk dealer Fred Sanford on TV's Sanford & Son. Wilson is now a minister.
  • Sammy Hagar
    (1947) - Singer/musician. Hagar says that if it wasn't for his high school music class, he wouldn't have bothered with the three Rs. These days, he's concerned that music and sports are disappearing from schools and he hopes other musicians and athletes will donate guitars and uniforms to schools as a way to help their young fans. Although Hagar was kicked out of Van Halen back in 1995, he still dreams of performing with fellow former frontman David Lee Roth. He says that his musical dream is to tour with Roth as the "Sam And Dave Show." The first concert Hagar attended was a show put on by folk singer Donovan. Solo hits: "I Can't Drive 55" "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy" (1982)
  • Chris Carter
    (1957) - Creator of The X-Files. Carter says the concept of the X-Files was influenced by the TV shows The Avengers and Kolchak: The Night Stalker. He once was a writer and editor for Surfing magazine. Carter's favorite treat is sunflower seeds -- the same as X-Files character Fox Mulder, whose fictional birthday is also the same as Carter.
  • Marie Osmond
    (1959) - The singer and actress admits that when she was pregnant she got cravings for grapefruit sorbet topped with sardines. Marie says she loves Barbie dolls, but she's bummed Barbie's bell bottoms and hip huggers were more fashionable than her own "Marie Osmond" doll sold in the 1970s. She was only 14 when she recorded her 1973 hit song "Paper Roses." Other hits: "I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You" (1974).
  • Fox Mulder
    (1961) - The birthdate for the fictional FBI agent on the X-Files is October 13, 1961. Mulder's FBI Academy nickname is "Spooky." David Duchovny, the actor who played Fox Mulder, was born on August 7, 1960. Duchovny says of The X-Files: "I never dreamed it would be a hit. When the show took off, I was stunned. Now, I'm stuck with it."
  • Kelly Preston
    (1962) - Actress and wife of John Travolta. According to, an internet magazine for moms, Preston, claims she loves to eat corned beef hash with doughnuts when she's carrying a child.
  • Jerry Rice
    (1962) - Wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers from 1985 to 2000. Now with the Oakland Raiders.
  • T'keyah 'Crystal' Keymah
    (1962) - Plays Tonya Baxter on That's So Raven. Erica on Cosby. Keymah also played the infamous butt-headed "Mrs. Buttman" on In Living Color and other wacky characters including a woman who wore a dress made of tampons and a Caribbean woman who held down 40 jobs. Because Keymah relies on her voice for her many impersonations, she often wears scarves around her neck and avoids smoke and air conditioning, which she says can dry out vocal chords. She even has a doctor whose sole job is taking care of her throat. Flicks: Jackie Brown (1997).
  • Tisha Campbell
    (1968) - Rosalee on Linc's, Gina Waters on Martin. Films: The Last Place On Earth (2002).
  • Nancy Kerrigan
    (1969) - The Olympic figure skater was sabotaged in 1994 by rival skater Tonya Harding, whose husband and bodyguard hatched a plot to disable Kerrigan by smacking the back of her knee with a pipe. Tonya was sentenced to three years' probation, slapped with a $100,000 fine and ordered to serve 500 hours of community service for her part in the plan. At the height of the scandal, one entrepreneur created something called a "Tonya Tapper," a steel club similar to the one used in the attack.
  • Rhett Akins
    (1969) - Country musician. Akins once redecorated his tour bus with upholstery that matches his grandmother's sofa. He says he wanted the bus to be comfortable and he figures nothing is more comfortable than a visit to his Granny. Akins is so crazy about Civil War trivia that he says the one person from all of history that he'd like to meet is Robert E. Lee. In 1996 Akins became an ordained minister in the mail order Universal Life Church so he could perform a Valentine's Day marriage ceremony to promote his tune, "She Said Yes." While touring, Akins occasionally stays up late with his band playing Monopoly.
  • Summer Sanders
    (1972) - Sanders is a five-time Olympic gold medal swimmer.
Famous and Noteworthy Events on October 13th:
(1843) - B'nai B'rith International was organized in New York.

(1954) - The Air Force ordered the production of the B-58, the first supersonic bomber.

(1957) - Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra introduced America to a brand new car: the Edsel. The Ford Motor Company sponsored a one hour musical special with the two super stars to promote its new Edsel model.

(1974) - TV legend Ed Sullivan died.

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