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Today in History historic events
November 15th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on November 15th:

  • Judge Joseph Wapner
    (1919) - Former judge for Animal Court. Former judge on TV's People's Court. The show -- which debuted in 1980 -- inspired a flock of copycat programs including Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and the Playboy Channel's Sex Court which featured former Penthouse centerfold Julie Strain as the "judge." As a teenager, Wapner once took actress Lana Turner on a dinner date -- but he forgot his wallet, so she had to pay for dinner.
  • C.W. McCall
    (1928) - McCall -- whose real name is William Fries -- hit No. 1 in 1976 with the CB-oriented ditty, "Convoy." The song was popular everywhere -- even in countries that didn't have CB radio including Japan, Australia and the Sudan. Fries, who worked in advertising before becoming a recording star, says he came up with the macho country boy character of C.W. McCall as a spokesman for an Iowa bakery. But after hearing stories about truck drivers who organized "convoys" to protest the 55 mph speed limit, the then 49-year-old Fries turned McCall into a one-time recording star. These days, McCall lives in Ourey, Colorado, where he served as mayor for 7 years.
  • Ed Asner
    (1929) - Asner once said the best acting advice he ever received during an audition was "Don't fart." The actor claims CBS canceled his Lou Grant TV show for political reasons: namely his objection to America's foreign policy in El Salvador. Asner says after he lost the show, he was virtually unemployable at CBS and had to scramble around for work. However, he admits that when he was being turned down for jobs, most producers told him it was because he was too old, too fat or too overexposed -- only one told him it was because he was "politically incorrect."
  • Petula Clark
    (1932) - Singer. "Downtown" (1964)
  • Sam Waterston
    (1940) - Actor. Law & Order.
  • Frida Lyngstad
    (1945) - ABBA. Her real first name in Anni-Frid. Solo as Frida: "I Know There's Something Going On" (1982)
  • Beverly D'Angelo
    (1953) - The actress is engaged to actor Al Pacino. D'Angelo flicks: The Red Door (2000), Jazz Night (1999), Vegas Vacation (1997), Christmas Vacation (1989), European Vacation (1985), Vacation (1983), Coal Miner's Daughter (1980).
  • "Macho Man" Randy Savage
    (1953) - Professional wrestler. Flicks: Ready to Rumble (2000), High Fidelity (2000).
  • Kevin Eubanks
    (1957) - The Tonight Show bandleader says one of the funniest parts of his job is choosing musical introductions for each of his guests. Kevin says Richard Simmons gets introduced with a tune called "Cissy Strut." Hugh Grant -- after his run-in with prostitute Divine Brown in 1995 -- walked on while the band played the theme to "Superfly" and Howard Stern walks on to the tune of "Here She Comes, Miss America."
  • Brandon Dicamillo
    (1976) - Appears on Jackass the TV show and in Jackass: The Movie (2002).
Famous and Noteworthy Events on November 15th:
(1937) - Hot air from windbags in Washington, D.C., cooled down a bit when air conditioners were installed for the first time on Capitol Hill.

(1963) - The anti-anxiety drug Valium was approved by the FDA. It is made by the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company Roche. By the time 1976 rolled around, Valium became the most prescribed drug in the United States, with more than 65 million prescriptions filled in that year alone.

(1969) - More than 250,000 anti-Vietnam protestors marched in Washington, D.C., in the largest anti-war demonstration in U.S. history.

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