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Today in History historic events
November 14th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on November 14th:

  • Robert Fulton
    (1765) - Created the first practical steamboat.
  • Brian Keith
    (1921) - Best known for the TV series Family Affair. Keith never met his father -- also an actor -- until he was an adult and the two of them wound up working on the same Broadway play, Mr. Roberts. During a rehearsal, the elder Keith tried to heal the estranged relationship with Brian by saying point blank: "I'm Robert Keith and I'm your father." After the meeting, the two Keiths managed to keep their own family affair cordial until the senior Keith's death in 1966. Brian Keith died on June 24, 1997, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • Boutros Boutros-ghali
    (1922) - Former secretary-general of United Nations from 1992 to 1996.
  • King Hussein
    (1935) - Former King of Jordan.
  • Wendy Carlos
    (1939) - Musician who underwent a sex change operation in the 1970s and changed his name from Walter to Wendy. Million seller album: Switched On Bach (1968). Wrote most of the music for Clockwork Orange.
  • Buckwheat Zydeco
    (1947) - Musician.
  • P.J. O'Rourke
    (1947) - Author.
  • Prince Charles
    (1948) - Prince of Wales. In 1990 Playgirl magazine reportedly offered Prince Charles $45,000 to appear nude in a centerfold. Former Spice Girl Geri admits that when she pinched Prince Charles rear end at a charity event, she discovered the royal bum was actually quite tight for a man in his fifties. Each month Prince Charles spends about $9,000 on his cars, $450 on grooming, $18,000 on his home, $19,000 on hobbies and $9,000 on gifts. A night of passion with gal pal Camilla Parker-Bowles once left Prince Charlie red in the face. The Globe tabloid reports that servants, upon hearing a sudden crash in the middle of the night, scurried to the royal bedroom where they found a flustered Charles and Camilla locked in a lover's embrace amid the rubble of a collapsed four-poster bed. Prince Charles reportedly ordered the servants to, "Go away and forget this ever happened!"
  • Yanni
    (1954) - A 2001 study in Britain's Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine suggests that listening to Yanni tunes can actually improve reasoning skills in children. The report says they are almost as effective as Mozart at improving a child's hand-to-eye coordination. The New Age music of Yanni is spicing up the love life of couples. Yanni himself claims his synthesized sounds have been known to help couples enhance their sex lives and some fans claim their children were conceived while listening to his music. The Greek musician moved to the United States in 1972. He was a live-in boyfriend of Dynasty's Linda Evans, but the couple split up in 1998. Yanni holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Minnesota. He can't read or write music, but he claims to have perfect pitch. Yanni states he was born on November 14 not November 4 as reported by some sources.
  • D.B. Sweeney
    (1961) - Actor. TV's Harsh Realm. Played Chance Harper on Strange Luck. The initials D.B. stands for Daniel Bernard. Sweeney may be familiar to his fans, but the rest of the population still confuses him with D.B. Cooper, the man who parachuted out of a plane with $200,000 in ransom money in 1971. Sweeney says on a recent flight to St. Louis, a flight attendant freaked out after she saw his name on the passenger manifest. It turned out the stewardess also worked on the flight hijacked by D.B. Cooper.
  • Laura San Giacomo
    (1962) - Maya Gallo on Just Shoot Me. Maya Gallow is Italian for Mayan Rooster.
  • Joseph "Run" Simmons
    (1964) - Rapper of Run-DMC fame.
  • Patrick Warburton
    (1964) - Played David Puddy on Seinfeld. Flicks: Big Trouble (2001), The Dish (2000).
  • David Moscow
    (1974) - Actor.
  • Travis Barker
    (1975) - Band member of Blink 182.
Famous and Noteworthy Events on November 14th:
(1968) - Yale University announced it would admit women for the first time in the history of the college.

(1968) - College campuses across the nation held a "National Turn In Your Draft Card Day" which featured mass draft card burnings and anti-Vietnam War rallies.

(1666) - What's believed to be the world's first blood transfusion took place on this day in 1666. The transfusion was performed by scientist Samuel Pepys who transfused blood between two dogs.

(1851) - Herman Melville's classic novel, Moby Dick, was published in the United States.

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