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Today in History historic events
November 1st Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on November 1st:

  • Gary Player
    (1935) - Pro golfer
  • Bill Anderson
    (1937) - Country singer.
  • Robert Foxworth
    (1941) - Actor. Plays Bernard Chenowith on Six Feet Under. Played Pearce McKenzie on LateLine. Voice of Race Banner on Jonny Quest: The New Adventures. Chase Gioberti on Falcon Crest. Foxworth and actress Elizabeth Montgomery lived together for over twenty years until her death in 1995.
  • Marcia Wallace
    (1942) - Voice of Mrs. Krabappel on The Simpsons. Played Mrs. Carruthers on Full House. Carol Kester Bondurant on The Bob Newhart Show.
  • Larry Flynt
    (1942) - Publisher of Hustler. Flynt ran for governor of California in the California 2003 recall election. When White House intern Monica Lewinsky was a 15-year-old beefy beauty, she posed for photos intended for Flynt's Big Beautiful Woman, a non-pornographic magazine for weighty women. The magazine never printed the photos. An assassination attempt on Flynt's life in 1978 left the porn king paralyzed. He developed an addiction to morphine and became so paranoid he slept in a bank vault. Flynt would actually hold his business meetings at night in the bank vault -- and he even installed a bed so he and his ex-stripper wife, Althea, could have sex in the vault after counting their money.
  • Lyle Lovett
    (1957) - The singer is the former husband of actress Julia Roberts. Lovett received a 1989 Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. He graduated from Texas A&M with degrees in German and journalism. For some unknown reason, rocker Mojo Nixon once said of Lovett: "He's got really soft hands. Like baby hands or something. Maybe he's from outer space." On an unrelated note, Lovett claims as a child he was kicked by a cow and he's now afraid of all bovines.
  • Fernando Valenzuela
    (1960) - Major League Baseball's 1981 Rookie of the Year.
  • Anthony Kiedis
    (1962) - Lead singer Red Hot Chili Peppers. The original name of the group was the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem.
  • Jenny McCarthy
    (1972) - Maybe it's a good idea NOT to take any dating advice from Jenny. She once said that the best way to break the ice on a first date is to "...just fart right away." McCarthy is also excellent at faking burps. She spent hours torturing Yasmine Bleeth on the set of the 1998 film BASEketball by burping and then blaming it on the former Baywatch beauty. Jenny is known for her blonde mane but, in reality, she's a brunette. She was born with beautiful white hair, but she says it "started changing to puke brown in sixth grade." McCarthy was selected the Most Valuable Player on her high school's softball and hockey teams. She later dropped out of nursing school to become an actress. McCarthy was Playboy magazine's 1994 Playmate of the Year. Flicks: Arnie (2001), The Perfect You (2001), Scream 3 2000, BASKETball (1998).
  • Toni Collette
    (1972) - She gained 40 pounds in seven weeks to play the part of Muriel in Muriel's Wedding. She was also the mother in The Sixth Sense. Other Collette flicks: Connie and Carla (2004) The Last Shot (2004), Japanese Story (2003), The Hours (2002), Dirty Deeds (2002), About a Boy (2002), Changing Lanes (2002), Dead by Monday (2000), Hotel Splendide (2000), Shaft (2000).
  • Hello Kitty
    (1974) - According to Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty, today is the famous white kitten's birthday. Her real name is just Kitty, she was born in Suburban London, England, and weighs the same as three apples.
Famous and Noteworthy Events on November 1st:
(1512) - Michelangelo's ceiling paintings in the Sistine Chapel were first exhibited to the public.

(1848) - The Boston Female Medical School became the first medical school for women.

(1864) - The U.S. Post Office introduced money orders.

(1870) - The United States Weather Bureau made its first meteorological predictions using reports gathered by telegraph from 24 locations.

(1913) - The very first Army-Notre Dame football game was played. Army actually paid Notre Dame $1,000 to cover the team's costs of traveling to West Point. Notre Dame was an underdog but it won the game thanks to Knute Rockne and a forward pass. Final score: Notre Dame 35, Army 13.

(1939) - Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer made his first appearance in literature when the saga of Rudolph and his shiny red nose was told for the first time in a promotional pamphlet for a Chicago department store.

(1959) - A plastic face mask was used in a professional hockey game for the first time. The mask was created by Montreal Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante who was tired of getting stitches in his face thanks to flying hockey pucks. The protective mask was made out of fiberglass and resin and proved to be so popular that his design was later used by all National Hockey League goalies.

(1967) - Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman opened in theaters across the U.S.

(1975) - "Island Girl" by Elton John was the No. 1 song.

(1979) - The new born-again Bob Dylan was booed by concertgoers in San Francisco.

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