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Today in History historic events
March 14th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on March 14th:

  • Casey Jones
    (1864) - His real name was John Jones. He died in 1900 in a railroad wreck near Vaughan, Mississippi. Casey's Cannonball Express was running at full speed when he missed a signal indicating a freight train was stopped ahead. He slammed on the air brakes and jammed the engine into reverse just 150 yards before colliding. The engine exploded and sent a bolt through Casey's neck. He died, but his quick actions saved everyone else. On the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, they eat something called the "Casey Jones" -- a turkey pastrami, Swiss cheese, honey mustard and avocado sandwich.
  • Albert Einstein
    (1879) - Einstein trivia: -- As a student, Einstein was told he wouldn't amount to anything. -- He never learned to drive a car and couldn't figure out how to fill out an income tax form. -- Olivia Newton-John claims Einstein was her grandfather's best friend. - Einstein didn't sacrifice sleep for the sake of science -- he logged 10 hours of snooze every night. -- He regretted his decision to encourage development of the atomic bomb. -- Einstein's brain was removed after he died and studied by Dr. Thomas Harvey of Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Harvey temporarily stored the brain in a cardboard box under a beer cooler. -- Einstein -- along with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ronald Reagan -- was selected as one of the top five "Greatest Persons of the Last 1000 Years." The poll was conducted by a group known as Patriotic Education Incorporated.
  • Kevin Williamson
    (1965) - Creator of the TV series Dawson's Creek and Wasteland.
  • Hank Ketcham
    (1920) - The cartoonist was the creator of "Dennis the Menace."
  • Michael Caine
    (1933) - Actor who was born with the name of Maurice J. Micklewhite. Caine's big break occurred after Terence Stamp turned down the lead role in 1966's Alfie. Sandra Bullock says the weirdest part about making her comedy, Miss Congeniality, was letting Caine feel her boobs. Bullock freaked out before filming a scene in which Caine's character puts his hand down her shirt to teach her how to pad a bra -- but she says Caine approached the scene like a doctor and didn't get all hot and bothered. Other Caine Flicks: The Actors (2003), The Quiet American (2002), Austin Powers 3 (2002).
  • Quincy Jones
    (1933) - The musician and record producer also publishes Vibe magazine. Jones is well known for his humanitarian efforts and has received the French government's Legion d' Honneur, the NAACP's Entertainment and Community Achievement Award and many others.
  • Billy Crystal
    (1947) - Played Jodie Dallas on Soap. The authors of How To Meet And Hang Out With The Stars report Crystal is on their "Rudeness Top 5" list when it comes to treating fans. The authors claim Crystal can be extremely rude to his fans and that he once made fun of a 10-year-old just to impress his friends. Crystal flicks: Analyze That (2002), Analyze This (1999), My Giant (1998), Deconstructing Harry (1997), City Slickers II (1994), Mr. Saturday Night (1992), When Sally Met Harry (1989).
  • Rick Dees
    (1951) - DJ and personality whose real name is Rigdon Dees, III. When Dees was asked by the author of the book, Expert Advice, to describe the best way to talk like a radio announcer, he replied: "Just hold your crotch while you speak."
  • Prince Albert
    (1958) - The Prince of Monaco hired famous Grateful Dead "skeleton" artist Greg Speirs to paint skulls on his favorite bobsleds.
  • Gary Dell'Abate
    (1961) - Producer of the Howard Stern show.
  • Chris Klein
    (1979) - Played Oz in American Pie (1999). Other flicks: American Pie 3: Piece of Cake (2003), The United States of Leland (2003), Rollerball (2002), Say It Isn't So (2001).
  • Taylor Hanson
    (1983) - Hanson brothers. "MMMBop" (1997). Puberty almost ruined the group's debut album, Middle of Nowhere, because Taylor's voice was changing at the time. The title of the group's hit "MMMBop" is a made-up word that supposedly describes a minuscule unit of time -- as in forgetting your friends because they can disappear from your life " an MMMBop."
Famous and Noteworthy Events on March 14th:
(1950) - New York City hired an official rainmaker to ease a prolonged drought. The rainmaker -- a Dr. Wallace E. Howell of Mount Washington Observatory -- was paid $100 a day to create rain.

(1958) - The world's first "Gold Record" was given to Perry Como for his hit tune "Catch A Falling Star." The Recording Industry Association of America came up with the award to honor songs that sell more than 1 million copies.

(1964) - Dallas businessman Jack Ruby was convicted of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and sentenced to death.

(1972) - The April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Burt Reynolds in a nude centerfold appeared on newsstands. His arm was the only thing that stood between his manhood and Cosmo's readers. Burt later confessed he was bombed when the photo was taken, and by the time the photographer got the shot, he was so sloshed he had no recollection of the modeling session at all.

(1978) - Coca Cola was named the official drink of the Moscow Olympics.

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