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Today in History historic events
January 13th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on January 13th:

  • Horatio Alger
    (1834) - Alger wrote hundreds of rags-to-riches stories about boys. He reportedly was a homosexual who was shunned by churchgoers in Brewster, Massachusetts, after he was accused of having sex with young boys. Alger just couldn't get his mind off the young men, and later worked at a shelter for homeless boys which provided the inspiration for his stories.
  • Alfred Fuller
    (1885) - He founded the Fuller Brush Company.
  • Robert Stack
    (1919) - He was the host of Unsolved Mysteries. (The original host of Unsolved Mysteries was Raymond Burr, the actor who played Perry Mason.) Stack's real last name was Modini and his father was an advertising executive who created the Schlitz beer slogan, "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous." Stack was a champion skeet-shooter who was introduced to the sport as a child by Clark Gable. He also played polo with Spencer Tracy and raced hydroplanes professionally before he became an actor. Stack joked that he lived so recklessly in his earlier years that the biggest "unsolved mystery" in his own life and how he's survived long enough to still be working in his 80s.
  • Rip Taylor
    (1934) - The confetti-tossing comedian hosted TV's $1.98 Beauty Show.
  • Charles Nelson Reilly
    (1931) - Actor.
  • William B. Davis
    (1938) - Played the Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files. The character's real name is C.G.B. Spender. Ironically, Davis gave up smoking cigarettes in the late 1970s. The cigarettes used on The X-Files are herbal. Davis also operates an acting school in Vancouver, Canada. Flicks: Anthrax (2001), Mindstorm (2001), The Proposal (2000).
  • Billy Gray
    (1938) - Played Bud on Father Knows Best. In 1998 Gray won a libel suit against film critic Leonard Maltin, who incorrectly described Gray as a real-life drug addict in his critique of the 1971 film, Dusty and Sweets McGee.
  • Richard Moll
    (1943) - Played Bull Shannon on Night Court
  • Brandon Tartikoff
    (1949) - The former NBC programming whiz was responsible for introducing a slew of TV hits including the A-Team, Cheers, Family Ties, Miami Vice, The Golden Girls, St. Elsewhere, LA Law, and Matlock.
  • Graham McPherson
    (1961) - Singer and songwriter with Madness, "Wings Of A Dove" (1983), "Our House" (1982).
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    (1961) - Played Elaine on Seinfeld. Saturday Night Live.
  • Trace Adkins
    (1962) - Country singer. "There's A Girl In Texas." If you want to bring a twinkle to Trace's eye, hand him a can of SPAM. He loves the processed meat product and once was the headline act for a SPAM-Jam concert.
  • Penelope Ann Miller
    (1964) - Actress. She dated Al Pacino, and also dated Matthew Broderick when they were both filming the movie Biloxi Blues. Flicks: Famous (2000), Biloxi Blues (1988).
  • Patrick Dempsey
    (1966) - Actor. Best known as Ronald Miller in the movie Can't Buy Me Love (1987). Other Dempsey flicks: The Palace Thief (2002), Sweet Home Alabama (2002).
  • Traci Bingham
    (1971) - The Baywatch beauty is the show's first African-American lifeguard. Traci says that when she was younger, kids would tease her about the cleft on her chin and call her "butt chin."
  • Nicole Eggert
    (1972) - Actress. Former Baywatch babe. Charles in Charge. Flicks: Thank You, Good Night (2001), Two Left Turns (2000), Murder Seen (2000), Submerged (2000).
  • Orlando Bloom
    (1977) - Plays Legolas Greenleaf in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001).
Famous and Noteworthy Events on January 13th:
(1910) - The world's first public radio broadcast took place in New York City. Radio pioneer Lee Deforest broadcast the voice of Enrico Caruso and the Metropolitan Opera to a handful of New Yorkers listening through earphones.

(1930) - Mickey Mouse appeared in his own comic strip for the first time.

(1982) - An Air Florida jet taking off during a snowstorm in Washington, D.C. crashed into a bridge over the Potomac River, killing 78 people.

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