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Today in History historic events
August 12th Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on August 12th:

  • Dominique Swain
    (1980) - Actress. Flicks: As Virgins Fall (2002), Briar Patch (2002), Four Fingers of the Dragon (2002), New Best Friend (2002), Dead in the Water (2002), Pumpkin (2002), Mary Jane's Last Dance (2001), Mean People Suck (2001), Lolita (1997).
  • C.B. Demille
    (1881) - His full name was Cecil Blount DeMille. The director is best known for his lavish productions including both the silent and sound versions of The Ten Commandments. Flicks: The Ten Commandments (1956), The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), Samson and Delilah (1949), Reap the Wild Wind (1942) and The Ten Commandments (1923).
  • Pete Sampras
    (1971) - Tennis player. Winner of 1993 Wimbledon and U.S. Open. Sampras was named one of the "Sexiest Men of 1996" by Playgirl magazine. It took Sampras only eight years of professional play to earn $21 million.
  • Porter Wagoner
    (1927) - The country musician has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1957. Wagoner introduced Dolly Parton to the Nashville music scene in 1967 when she first came out of the mountains -- but they parted on bad terms when she decided to go solo. "I spent seven years as Porter Wagoner in drag," says Dolly. "We split over creative differences. I was creative and Porter was different." They've since become friends. Porter is the official ambassador for Opryland USA, and greets hundreds of the park's visitors. Porter says the question he's asked most often is, "Where's the rest room?" Wagoner says he listens to rap often and, although he doesn't have a favorite rap artist, he loves the beat. He even compares rap lyrics to square dance calls and says they're rhythmically similar. Although Wagoner has no plans to record a rap song, he says it's important for any musician to listen to all types of music.
  • Buck Owens
    (1929) - The country musician's full name is Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. The nickname "Buck" comes from the name of a horse his family owned when he was a boy. Texas State Highway 82, which passes through Buck's hometown in Sherman, was renamed the "Buck Owens Freeway." Buck even chipped in $20,000 to fix potholes on the road. His first hit was 1963's "Act Naturally" which was re-recorded by the Beatles in 1965.
  • Parnelli Jones
    (1933) - Race car driver. 1963 winner of Indianapolis 500.
  • George Hamilton
    (1939) - Actor with a great tan. His mother once said that when George was born, he accidentally peed into the eye of the doctor who delivered him. When Hamilton first arrived in Hollywood at the age of 17, he had neither a nickel nor connections, but after he started working at MGM, he began living like a prince. He even bought a house that once belonged to Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. In time, Hamilton's home became the site of fashionable garage sales to raise additional funds during his hard times. Flicks: Hollywood Ending (2002), Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001), Off Key (2001), Zorro, the Gay Blade (1981), Love At First Bite (1979).
  • Ron Mael
    (1948) - Musician with Sparks. "Cool Places" (with Jane Wiedlin) (1983), "Beat The Clock" (1979)
  • Mark Knopfler
    (1949) - Dire Straits. Knopfler wrote the tune "Private Dancer," which became a hit for Tina Turner. Dire Straits hits: "Money for Nothing" (1985), "So Far Away" (1985), "Sultans of Swing" (1979)
  • Kid Creole
    (1950) - Musician.
  • Pat Metheny
    (1954) - Jazz musician. Born in 1954 not 1955 as reported by some sources.
  • Bruce Greenwood
    (1956) - Actor. Nowhere Man. Played Dr. Seth Griffin on St. Elsewhere. JFK in the movie Thirteen Days (2000). Other films: Being Julia (2004), I, Robot (2004), The Water Giant (2002), The Core (2002), Swept Away (2002), Below (2002), Ararat (2002).
  • Franc D'Ambrosio
    (1961) - He played Anthony Corleone in The GodFather Part III.
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot
    (1963) - Rapper. His real name is Anthony Dawson.
  • Rebecca Gayheart
    (1972) - Actress. Noxzema ads. Beverly Hills 90210. Flicks: Pipe Dream (2002), Harvard Man (2001), Urban Legends (1998).
  • Casey Affleck
    (1975) - Ben Affleck's younger brother. His full name is Lauren Casey Affleck. Affleck flicks: Gerry (2002), Ocean's Eleven (2001), Soul Survivors (2001), Drowning Mona (2000), 200 Cigarettes (1999), Hamlet (1999), Desert Blue (1998), Good Will Hunting (1997).
Famous and Noteworthy Events on August 12th:
(1851) - Inventor Isaac Singer was granted a patent for his sewing machine. Singer didn't invent the first sewing machine -- only the first sewing machine with a double treadle which let operators power the machine with two feet. In 1855 he received a patent for the first sewing machine motor.

(1955) - President Eisenhower signed the Minimum Wage Act which hiked the minimum wage from 75 cents to $1 an hour.

(1972) - The last remaining United States ground combat forces were withdrawn from Vietnam. The last unit out was the Third Battalion of the 21st Infantry. All remaining troops were removed by March 29, 1973.

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