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Today in History historic events
April 1st Today in History

Famous People & Celebrities Born on April 1st:

  • Gordon Jump
    (1932) - Played the station manager (Arthur Carlson) on WKRP in Cincinnati.
  • Debbie Reynolds
    (1932) - Actress whose real name is Mary Frances Reynolds. Trivia: When Debbie was a Girl Scout she earned 48 merit badges. She won the 1948 Miss Burbank Beauty Contest by dancing in her bare feet. Reynolds had to remove her high heels because they were too tight. Debbie claims she learned to swear from her uncle -- a sailor who liked to conduct swearing contests. Reynolds flicks: Mother (1996), That's Entertainment! III (1994), Singin' in the Rain (1952).
  • Ali Macgraw
    (1938) - Actress. Flicks: Tell Me What You Want (1980), Love Story (1970). Born in 1938 not 1939 as reported by some sources.
  • Rudolph Isley
    (1939) - Musician. A court ruled in 1994 that Michael Bolton had plagiarized the Isley Brothers 1966 tune "Love Is a Wonderful Thing." Bolton was ordered to pay the Isleys 66 percent of his royalties. Other Isley Brothers hits: "It's Your Thing" (1969), "Shout" (1959).
  • Jimmy Cliff
    (1948) - Reggae musician and actor.
  • Bijou Phillips
    (1980) - Daughter of musician John Phillips and half sister to Chynna and Mackenzie Phillips. Flicks: Bully (2001), Fast Sofa (2001), Tart (2001)
  • Josh Zuckerman
    (1985) - Josh Zuckerman (1985) Plays young Dr. Evil in Austin Powers 3 (2002).
Famous and Noteworthy Events on April 1st:
(1945) - The United States invaded Okinawa.

(1957) - A British newscaster pulled off one of the world's most memorable April Fool's Day jokes. BBC-TV anchor Richard Dimbleby told viewers about the "spring spaghetti crop in Italy" while footage of spaghetti being "harvested" from a tree played on screen. Many British citizens fell for the phony report.

(1960) - The U.S. launched the first weather satellite, Tiros 1. It sent back thousands of photos of clouds covering Earth.

(1961) - Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye were married.

(1963) - General Hospital premiered on ABC-TV.

(1970) - As an April Fool's joke, John Lennon and Yoko Ono released a statement saying they were about to undergo side-by-side sex change operations.

(1970) - President Nixon signed a bill that banned radio and TV cigarette advertising effective January 1, 1971.

(1976) - The Rocky Horror Picture Show made its midnight premiere at New York City's Waverly Theatre. The audience reaction was overwhelming, and more theaters began midnight screenings of the cult film.

(1984) - Singer Marvin Gaye died of a gunshot wound inflicted by his own father. Gaye died on what would have been his 45th birthday.

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