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Chiefs of State for Burundi
Flag of Burundi Burundi
Population: 6,231,221 (July 2004 est.)
Capital: Bujumbura
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Tabular Data - Political Leaders of Burundi

Position Held:By Individual:
PresidentNdayizeye, Domitien
Vice PresidentKadege, Alphonse
Min. of Agriculture & LivestockNdikumagenge, Pierre
Min. of Civil ServiceKobako, Gaspard
Min. of Commerce & IndustryMinani, Thomas
Min. of Communal DevelopmentHicintuka, Cyrille
Min. of Communications & Spokesman for the GovernmentNduwimana, Onesime
Min. of Development, Planning, & ReconstructionWakana, Seraphine
Min. of Energy & MinesNkundikije, Andre
Min. of External Relations & CooperationSinunguruza, Therence
Min. of FinanceGahungu, Athanase
Min. of Handicrafts, Vocational Training, & Adult LiteracyHakizimana, Godefroid
Min. of Institutional Reforms, Human Rights, & Relations with ParliamentRungwamihigo, Deogratias
Min. of InteriorNyandwi, Simon
Min. of Justice & Keeper of the SealsKiganahe, Didace
Min. of Labor & Social SecurityNditabiriye, Dismas
Min. of Land Management, Environment, & TourismMbonerane, Albert
Min. of National DefenseNiyungeko Vincent, Maj. Gen.
Min. of National EducationNtihabose, Salvator
Min. of Public HealthKamana, Jean
Min. of Public SecuritySidnakira Donatien, Col.
Min. of Public Works & InfrastructureNtahomenyereye, Salvator
Min. of Repatriation, Reinsertion, & ReintegrationNgendahayo, Francoise
Min. of Social Action & Promotion of WomenNduwimana, Marie Goretti
Min. of Transportation, Posts, & TelecommunicationsNdikumugongo, Severin
Min. of Youth, Sports, & CultureMuteragiranwa, Barnabe
Min. in Charge of Mobilization for Peace & National ReconciliationButoyi, Antoine
Min. in the Office of the President in Charge of HIV/AIDSRukingama, Luc
Min. of State in Charge of Good GovernanceNkurunziz, Pierre
Governor, Central BankToyi, Salvator
Ambassador to the USNdikumana, Thomas
Permanent Representative to the UN, New YorkNteturuye, Marc
Chiefs of State listings last updated October 28, 2004

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