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Chiefs of State for Bolivia
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
Population: 8,724,156 (July 2004 est.)
Capital: La Paz
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Tabular Data - Political Leaders of Bolivia

Position Held:By Individual:
PresidentMesa Gisbert, Carlos Diego
Vice President 
Min. of AgricultureMontenegro Ernst , Diego
Min. of DefenseArredondo Millan, Gonzalo
Min. of Economic DevelopmentGrebe Lopez, Horst
Min. of EducationQuiroga, Maria Soledad
Min. of FinanceCuevas Argote, Javier
Min. of Foreign Relations & WorshipSiles del Valle, Juan Ignacio
Min. of GovernmentLara, Saul
Min. of Health & SportsAntezana Aranibar, Fernando
Min. of LaborFernandez Fagalde, Luis
Min. of Mining & HydrocarbonsTorres Orias, Guillermo
Min. of the PresidencyGalindo Neder, Jose
Min. of Services & Public WorksUrquidi Barrau, Jorge
Min. of Sustainable DevelopmentPedraza Merida, Gustavo
Min. Without Portfolio for Citizen ParticipationBarbery Anaya, Roberto
Min. Without Portfolio for Indigenous AffairsCalla Ortega, Ricardo
Min. Without Portfolio for Popular ParticipationBarbery Anaya, Roberto
Presidential Delegate for AnticorruptionCajias de la Vega, Guadelupe
Presidential Delebate for Institutional DevelopmentCortez Rodriguez, Jorge
Presidential Delegate for Revision of CapitalizationZaratti Sachetti, Francisco
President, Central BankMorales Anaya, Juan Antonio
Ambassador to the USAparicio Otero, Jaime
Permanent Representative to the UN, New YorkAranibar Quiroga, Ernesto
Chiefs of State listings last updated October 28, 2004

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