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Weird News

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December 24, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Kelsey Grammer Talks To The Dead
2004-12-24 - Los Angeles, CA - Now that the TV series "Frasier" is dead, Kelsey Grammer is spending his days talking with the deceased.

Croc Hunter's Animal Defense: 'The Force'
2004-12-24 - Queensland, Australia - There's been a lot of hullabaloo over "Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin since he fed a crocodile while clutching his baby son in January -- especially since he says he'd gladly do it again to teach the infant about animal safety.

Comic Kathy Griffin's Silent Struggle With Butt Sweat
2004-12-24 - New York, NY - Comedy is no sweat for carrot top Kathy Griffin -- but sweating sure is.

Tony Curtis' Bighorn Ram Bring Lost Lovers Together
2004-12-24 - Rancho Mirage, CA - Tony Curtis is a true romantic: He's helping bring couples together with the help of fiberglass ram testicles.

Forgotten 'Friend' Marcel The Monkey Hopes To Swing A Deal With 'Joey'
2004-12-24 - Los Angeles, CA - Matt LeBlanc has successfully taken his "Friends" character, Joey Tribbiani, to a new sitcom, but one of his former cast mates would like to join him -- Marcel the Monkey.

Andy Dick Lives Up To His Name On Reality Show
2004-12-24 - Los Angeles, CA - Andy Dick spent this past summer working on a reality TV show where he put young go-getters who want to become his personal assistant through the ringer.

Ring Tone Songs Aren't Music To Ludacris' Ears
2004-12-24 - New York, NY - Songs made into ring tones may be music to the ears of most music fans, but rapper Ludacris says they don't jibe well with him.

Cliff Clavin: 'Off-Shore Outsourcing Is At An End'
2004-12-24 - Santa Barbara, CA - Americans who are sick of U.S. companies outsourcing overseas should be aware that the tide is turning.

Carson Kressley: No Queer Eye On Straight Guys
2004-12-24 - New York, NY - Carson Kressley may star on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" but he insists he doesn't have his own eye on straights at all.

Straight From The Horses Mouth: Wireless Flash's Best Celebrity Confessions
2004-12-24 - San Diego, CA - Celebrities just couldn't keep their secrets safe from Wireless Flash in 2004. Here are some of our favorite star confessions from the interviews we conducted in the past year....

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