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Weird News

news weird
December 17, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Conscience For Sale On Ebay
2004-12-17 - Chicago, IL - Not only can you sell your soul to the devil but now you can sell your conscience on Ebay.

Top Cryptozoology Finds Of 2004: Hobbits And Crap
2004-12-17 - Portland, OR - Beasts like Bigfoot may sound like a load of crap, but finding a load of crap is one of this year's big discoveries in the field of cryptozoology.

'Real Gilligan's Island' Millionaire Possessed By His Ascot
2004-12-17 - Newport Beach, CA - Millionaires have lots of possessions, but the moneybags who stars on the TBS reality series, "The Real Gilligan's Island" may have been possessed himself -- by his ascot.

Medium Haunted At Dinner Parties -- By Other Guests
2004-12-17 - Phoenix, AZ - Psychic medium Allison DuBois knows what it's like to be haunted by dead people -- but finds living people more annoying.

Rice Named "Best-Mannered", Artest Takes "Most Ill-Mannered" Of '04
2004-12-17 - Charlotte, NC - U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice is very nice while NBA player Ron Artest has been very naughty.

Regifting A Growing Christmas Concern
2004-12-17 - San Francisco, CA - Regifting is becoming a growing trend during Christmas time according to a new survey.

Term Describing People Who Never Grow Up Picked New Word Of Year
2004-12-17 - Cleveland, OH - If you're an adult but are still living and acting like the youngster you use to be, you're what the Webster's New World College Dictionary calls an "adultescent" -- which editors have selected as their word of the year.

Maria Bello Grins And Bears It For Save The Children
2004-12-17 - New York, NY - Actress Maria Bello can't bear to see kids starving so she's doing her part by creating a teddy bear for charity.

Bobby Darin's Career More Than 'Mack The Knife'
2004-12-17 - Cranberry Township, PA - Kevin Spacey's new Bobby Darin bio-pic, "Beyond The Sea," opens in Los Angeles and New York today (Dec. 17), and it has some Darin fans hoping it will raise the profile of their favorite singer.

Flash Lites December 17th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Beatles won't ever reunite but here's the next best thing: The Rutles. The Beatles-spoofing band created by "Monty Python" member Eric Idle is releasing a DVD sequel to its 1978 film, "All You Need Is Cash." "The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch" hits store shelves on March 1 and features appearances by David Bowie, Conan O'Brian, Jewel and Clint Black.

Around The Weird - Bizarre News Briefs for December 17th, 2004
2004-12-17 - Las Vegas, NV - There's been quite a buzz surrounding Las Vegas and it wasn't the hordes of drunk people walking the casino floors. Twelve million bees were recently dumped onto a highway in Sin City after the truck that was carrying them hit a wall on a ramp. The bees were intended to pollinate Nevada's almond crop but authorities decided not to call in beekeepers saying it would take too much time and money. So firefighters doused the insects with water to kill them instead.

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