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Weird News

news weird
December 13, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Playboy Gives Amputee Model A Hand
2004-12-13 - New York, NY - "Playboy" has featured thousands of beautiful women in its magazine and website but none are quite like Jennifer Krum.

Daly Vs. Dick: The Battle Of The Network New Year's Eve Specials
2004-12-13 - New York, NY - There will be a new kid on the block on TV during the New Year's celebration: Carson Daly.

O'Jays Perform For The Love Of Donald
2004-12-13 - New York, NY - The 1970s singing group, the O'Jays, will be performing on TV this Thursday (Dec. 16) for the love of Donald Trump.

Documentary Brings Dennis Haysbert To New Depths
2004-12-13 - Los Angeles, CA - Dennis Haysbert is best known as President David Palmer on the Fox series "24" but his latest project brought him to new depths.

Not All Superheroes Are Created Equal
2004-12-13 - Los Angeles, CA - Not all superheroes are created equal. In fact, some of them can be considered super dumb concepts.

Odds Are Out On Oscar Winners
2004-12-13 - Las Vegas, NV - While nominations for Academy Awards are more than a month a way, a Las Vegas oddsmaker is already making his picks for who will win the awards.

Baseball Hot, Yakov Not
2004-12-13 - Chicago, IL - It looks like Americans favor baseball diamonds over jokes about the Red Square.

Sha Na Na Tries A Little 'Fa La La La La'
2004-12-13 - San Diego, CA - Sha Na Na is adding a little "Fa la la la la" to its sound with its first ever Christmas album.

North Dakota Wine Company Offers Fruity Wines
2004-12-13 - Casselton, ND - A winery in North Dakota is adding a blossoming taste to their already unique list of wines that include apple jalapeno pepper and apple cinnamon wines.

Flash Lites December 13th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-13 - New York, NY - Wonder what Jennifer Lopez is doing New Year's Eve? Well, she'll be working, not partying. J. Lo's latest video, "Get Right" will debut on MTV that night and then she'll be spending her time finishing up her new CD, "Rebirth," before its March 1 release date.

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