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Weird News

news weird
December 9, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Hotel Offers 'Elf Tuck-Ins' To Kiddies
2004-12-09 - La Jolla, CA - Santa's elves are getting a little extra work this Christmas.

Jeff Bridges Framed For Art Show
2004-12-09 - San Diego, CA - Picture it: For the past 30 years actor Jeff Bridges has been taking photographs of cast and crew members on the sets of his movies during downtime.

Yankees Fan Fakes Broken Leg To Catch Baseball Score
2004-12-09 - Westborough, MA - Most New York Yankee fans are bananas for their team, but one Yanks fan may be the craziest of them all.

A Lot Of Dead Air On Bill Walton's New Radio Show
2004-12-09 - New York, NY - While the music of 50 Cent and Metallica is used by pro athletes these days to get pumped up for a game, Bill Walton says when he played, his pre-game tunes of choice had a dead-like feel.

'Sports Illustrated Model Search' Won't Shine Light On Cellulite
2004-12-09 - New York, NY - "Sports Illustrated" magazine will soon be shining a light on how it searches for swimsuit models, but editors won't be shining a light on the models' cellulite.

Consumer Watchdog Warns Of Holiday Hornswogglings
2004-12-09 - San Francisco, CA - Seasons griftings, everyone: It turns out ripping off consumers is just as big a part of the holiday season as candy and presents.

New Book Reveals How To Live High On The Blog
2004-12-09 - San Francisco, CA - Now that everyone and their mother has their own blog, one hardcore blogger is weaving some rules into the web.

Kate Bosworth Confesses A Cheesy Crush
2004-12-09 - New York, NY - "Blue Crush" star Kate Bosworth is confessing to a cheesy crush.

Astrological Pendant The Newest Mood Ring?
2004-12-09 - Imperial Beach, CA - It sounds stone cold crazy but a gemstone pendant may be good for what ails you.

Flash Lites December 9th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-09 - New York, NY - Actor Chazz Palminteri plays an awful lot of gangsters -- and it may not all be typecasting. Palminteri tells gossip reporter Baird Jones that when he was a kid, he got his kicks by making dummies and stuffing them with ketchup bottles and throwing them off roofs and into crowded streets. He admits he enjoyed watching people scream and faint but the real kick was seeing "how far the ketchup would splatter."

Around The Weird - Bizarre News Briefs for December 9th, 2004
2004-12-09 - New York, NY - If you're waiting until the last minute to Christmas shop you're not alone. According to a survey by Suave hand lotion, 22 percent of men wait until Christmas Eve to shop, as do 13 percent of women.

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