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Weird News

news weird
December 8, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Ring Tone Songs Aren't Music To Ludacris' Ears
2004-12-08 - New York, NY - Songs made into ring tones may be music to the ears of most music fans, but rapper Ludacris says they don't jibe well with him.

Cliff Clavin: 'Off-Shore Outsourcing Is At An End'
2004-12-08 - Santa Barbara, CA - Americans who are sick of U.S. companies outsourcing overseas should be aware that the tide is turning.

Christmas Carolers Singing To The Beat Of A Different Drum
2004-12-08 - New York, NY - If Christmas carolers come knocking at your door, be sure to listen closely to the lyrics of their song.

Female Professional Poker Player Rising In Deck Of Male Cards
2004-12-08 - Dallas, TX - A former travel agent has pushed all her chips in by turning her love of poker into a full time job.

Ex-Rockette Is Kicking For Two Now
2004-12-08 - New York, NY - Pregnancy hasn't tapped out a former Rockette who continues to do high kicks and splits well into her sixth month of pregnancy.

Booze It Up At Your Office Christmas Party -- But Not Too Much
2004-12-08 - New York, NY - Although you don't want to be super sloppy during your office Christmas party, you also shouldn't be a slow-sipping Suzy when it comes to alcoholic drinks.

Yoga Stretching The Minds Of Kids With ADD
2004-12-08 - Michigan City, IN - Here's news that will grab the attention of parents with children who have attention deficit disorder: Yoga can help.

Virtual Wingman Hits On Dates So You Don't Have To
2004-12-08 - Boston, MA - It's common to meet dates online but now there's an e-mail service that will send your potential partners a letter telling them why they should date you.

Bill O'Reilly: The Weaseliest Man In The Media
2004-12-08 - New York, NY - It's official, Fox news pundit Bill O'Reilly is the biggest weasel in the media.

Flash Lites December 8th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-08 - Los Angeles, CA - Here's some news rocking the metal world: Motley Crue will be reuniting for the first time in six years on the set of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The rock reunion takes place Friday (Dec. 10) and Jimmy Kimmel says he's celebrating by "getting a whole new set of Crue tattoos to make them feel welcome."

Around The Weird - Bizarre News Briefs for December 8th, 2004
2004-12-08 - Bogota, Colombia - After telling jokes for 65 hours straight, a Colombian comic has set a new world record. According to the "Prensa" newspaper, Jose Ordonez told 9000 jokes during his marathon yuk-fest on a Bogota radio station.

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