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Weird News

news weird
December 7, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Tom Arnold Makes Like Carl Lewis For Sports Score
2004-12-07 - New York, NY - Back before he was famous, Tom Arnold says he was willing to throw his job into the meat grinder at the meat packing plant where he used to work just to catch the score of a big sports game.

Famed Groupie Looking For A Few Good Muses
2004-12-07 - Los Angeles, CA - One of the most famous groupies in showbiz is looking for a few good muses to add to the groupie ranks.

Diane Keaton Barking Up Support For Mature Pet Adoption
2004-12-07 - Los Angeles, CA - Diane Keaton is acting on a new challenge -- getting Americans to adopt 300,000 pets by the New Year.

Poker Players Think Affleck Is A Cheater
2004-12-07 - New York, NY - Ben Affleck has caught a lot of attention for his participation in celebrity poker matches -- but, evidently, not all of it is good.

Wrench-Slingers Take A Crack At 'Sexiest Plumber' Prize
2004-12-07 - Piscataway, NJ - Twelve men and one woman are trying to wrench the title of "America's Sexiest Plumber" into their own hands in a new competition.

Most Dubious News Stories Of The Year
2004-12-07 - South Orange, NJ - Scientists who predict the end of the world may be doomed to failure.

Isabella Rossellini Doesn't Pontificate Over Female Priests
2004-12-07 - New York, NY - Actress Isabella Rossellini doesn't take a "holier-than-thou" approach to religion, despite playing a High Priestess in her upcoming TV mini-series "Legend of EarthSea."

'The Incredibles' Honored With 16 Annie Nominations
2004-12-07 - Burbank, CA - Oscar nominations won't be announced until next month but Hollywood insiders are very animated about which films have been nominated for Annies.

New Study Explains How To Make Consumers Shop Till They Drop
2004-12-07 - New Haven, CT - Business professors at Yale University and Duke University may have figured out the Holy Grail of shopping: How to make consumers shop till they drop.

Flash Lites December 7th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-07 - New York, NY - Donald Trump's hit show, "The Apprentice," may be getting most of its viewers to think about sex, not business. According to a survey by Jericho Communications, 52 percent of the show's fans admit that sexuality is their main motivation when purchasing clothes.

Around The Weird - Bizarre News Briefs for December 7th, 2004
2004-12-07 - Bern, Switzerland - A professional soccer player from Switzerland has lost his finger after celebrating a goal a little too enthusiastically. The "Guardian" reports that Paulo Diogo severed the top two joints in his left ring finger and was forced to have the digit amputated after catching his wedding ring on a metal barrier that he jumped on while celebrating the team's third goal in a 4-1 win.

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