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Weird News

news weird
December 6, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Chyna Sex Tape Kooky And Kinky (Editors: Note Content)
2004-12-06 - Chatsworth, CA - The latest celebrity sex video to hit store shelves may be as kooky as it is kinky.

Care Package Campaigns Delaying Military Mail
2004-12-06 - Alexandria, VA - Here's another story for the "well-meaning boob" file: Do-gooders who are blanketing Iraq with care packages for fighting soldiers they've never met are slowing down the mail from the soldiers' loved ones.

Poker Clothing In The Cards
2004-12-06 - New York, NY - Golfers and tennis players have special outfits for their sports and now clothing for poker players is in the cards.

Chickens And Pigs Popping Up On Christmas Lists
2004-12-06 - Seattle, WA - This year, some Americans are putting pigs and chickens on their Christmas list instead of clothes or electronics.

Eminem And Oprah Top Celeb Pitch-People
2004-12-06 - New York, NY - Celebrities are always hawking products these days, but a poll of marketing executives reveals which stars are best-suited to the job.

Mario Van Peebles Gets 'Poetic Justice'
2004-12-06 - New York, NY - This has been a good year for actor-director Mario Van Peebles -- and a thought-provoking one as well.

Holiday Parties Bring Cheer, Lawsuits
2004-12-06 - New York, NY - You may want to bring your lawyer along with you when you go to your office holiday party.

New Hanukkah Song Hot As A Menorah On Airwaves
2004-12-06 - Los Angeles, CA - A Jewish rapper's Hanukkah song is "hot like a menorah" on radio airwaves.

'Flu Tracker' Download Perfect For The Germ-Phobic
2004-12-06 - Nutley, NJ - Here's something to appeal to the germ-phobic part of all of us: A software program that lets users track the spread of the flu in their town.

Busy Schedule Makes Tommy Roe 'Dizzy'
2004-12-06 - Los Angeles, CA - Even though Tommy Roe had his biggest hits in the 1960s, he's still rocking steady.

Flash Lites December 6th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap
2004-12-06 - Memphis, TN - David Gest is coming out from under Liza Minnelli's thumb tonight (Dec. 6) to host a Christmas gala in Memphis, Tennessee. Some of the performers expected at the holiday extravaganza include the Doobie Brothers, Tito Jackson, the Emotions and Esther Williams. Proceeds for the event will be used to provide free Christmas dinners to seniors in Tennessee and Arkansas.

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