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Weird News

news weird
December 31, 2004
Current Weird News Making Headlines

New Aluminum Can Blends Pop Music And Soda Pop
2004-12-31 - Stuttgart, Germany - A new type of energy drink is letting German consumers blend soda pop and pop music in the same can.

Comb-Over: The Movie
2004-12-31 - Denver, CO - A hair-raising documentary is exposing the "earliest remedy for baldness" -- the comb-over.

Minnesota Man Is Worlds's First Astral Travel Agent
2004-12-31 - Battle Lake, MN - A travel agent in Minneapolis is a real trip himself.

Summertime And The Butt Facials Are Easy
2004-12-31 - Brooklyn, NY - Summer is all about relaxing for most folks -- but for Brooklyn spa owner Kristine Panariello, it's about getting her staff ready to do a lot of "butt facials."

Man Changes Name To Pronoun 'They'
2004-12-31 - Branson, MO - It may drive grammarians crazy, but a Branson, Missouri, man has legally changed his name to the pronoun "they."

Jamaican Resort Offers Flu Shots By The Pool
2004-12-31 - Negril, Jamaica - A lot of people go to Jamaica to get a tan -- but for the past few months, some folks were going there to get flu shots.

Photographer Flushing His Talent Away
2004-12-31 - Glenside, PA - A photographer is flushing his talent away -- literally.

Everybody's Doing The 'Lynndie'
2004-12-31 - London, England - There's a new craze sweeping the internet and it's called "The Lynndie."

Artist Selling His Snot Ball For $20K
2004-12-31 - London, England - A London artist who collected mucus from his nose for two years and displayed the resulting ball of snot at four separate art exhibitions is now ready to part with his prized possession -- to the tune of roughly $20,000.

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