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June 23, 2016
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Increase in babies named after Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump recorded by BabyCenter
2016-06-23 - - Parents are getting caught up in the 2016 United States presidential elections at it has been recently reported that babies are being named after the family members of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Suspect arrested in Colorado for death of decapitated Texas man
2016-06-13 - - A suspect has been arrested in the decapitating death of a Southeast Texas man whose body was found in his truck near a boat ramp.

Aussie parents of children aged six and four left two kids at home alone as they travel overseas
2016-06-12 - - Two children were left home alone in Perth, Australia by their parents while they traveled abroad resulting to them being transferred under "appropriate care."

Kalamazoo shooting update: driver claims Uber app told him to shoot people
2016-03-15 - - The Kalamazoo shooting suspect, who fatally shot six people during the attacks, told investigators that he was being controlled by the Uber app via his cellphone, police said in a statement on Monday.

Google's artificial intelligence beats Korean Go champion again in strategy board game match
2016-03-11 - - AlphaGo, Google's computerized Go board game programmed on artificial intelligence (AI), beat South Korea's Go champion again in the second of their five-game match in Seoul on Thursday.

Death toll in backyard party shooting rises to 6 as one fatality was pregnant
2016-03-10 - - One of the five people shot dead at a backyard party in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania Wednesday night was eight months pregnant adding her fetus to the death toll.

WV health agency probing if raw milk sickened lawmakers
2016-03-10 - - West Virginia's Department of Health and Human Resources is investigating if raw milk sickened some lawmakers after they drink some in celebration of Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's signing of a bill allowing West Virginians to consume unpasteurized milk.

Florida woman gets shot in the back by four-year-old son
2016-03-10 - - A 31-year-old Florida woman, who is a gun-rights advocate, was shot by her four-year-old son in the back, authorities have confirmed.

Mother turns in kidnapping suspect, arrested without incident
2016-03-02 - - A kidnapping and domestic violence suspect who has led police officials on a cross-county chase through Orange County and Los Angeles as well as hours-long standoff before fleeing in Newport Beach has been arrested after his mother turned him in.

Time photographer, protesters removed from Trump rally in Virginia
2016-02-29 - - A Time photojournalist who went out of a press pen and protesters interrupting Donald Trump's speech were removed from his campaign rally at Radford University on Monday.

California car salesman dead after customer takes Corvette for test drive and crashes it
2016-02-26 - - A California car salesman has died after a test driver, who police said was on under the influence of prescription drugs, drove the car, which was a Corvette, into a tree at 70 mph.

Jury convicts woman who cut out fetus from pregnant victim
2016-02-23 - - A Boulder County jury on Tuesday convicted a woman of attempted first degree murder for cutting out the fetus from a pregnant mother last year.

Uber driver arraigned for deadly Kalamazoo shootings
2016-02-22 - - Uber driver Jason Dalton was arraigned on Monday for gunning down six random people in Kalamazoo on Saturday night.

Sen. Ted Cruz fires spokesman over video misquoting Marco Rubio
2016-02-22 - - Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Monday fired his national spokesman for posting on Facebook a video that misquoted Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

Video of 106-year-old meeting, dancing with Obamas goes viral
2016-02-22 - - A 106-year-old woman who met and danced with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House on Sunday as part of Black History Month is making the rounds on the Internet.

Mom arrested for not rescuing daughter from burning home
2016-02-22 - - A Miami mother has been arrested and charged with child neglect for allegedly not rescuing her 6-year-old daughter when she cried for help from their burning home on Thursday.

'Out of control' house party near Bridgewater State University results in 41 arrests
2016-02-22 - - A house party at Bridgewater, Massachusetts resulted to police officials arresting 41 people as it was reportedly out of control.

Inmate hospitalized for swallowing pens escapes
2016-02-16 - - A man booked with the Daviess County Sheriff's Office for felony battery escaped from a hospital, where he was being treated for swallowing two pens, on Monday.

Student buys 834 girls flowers as Valentine's Day gesture
2016-02-14 - - A high school senior gave each of 834 girls in his school carnation so no one will miss getting a flower for the Valentine's Day holiday.

Scientists detect gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein
2016-02-11 - - Scientists have detected gravitational waves or energy produced by the collision of two black holes that the famous physicist Albert Einstein predicted in his general theory of relativity in 1915.

Former priest arrested over murder of Texas beauty queen in 1960
2016-02-10 - - A priest suspected of murdering a Texas beauty queen in 1960 was arrested Tuesday in Arizona as the case was reopened.

Meteorite kills bus driver in India, returning asteroid passing closer to Earth
2016-02-08 - - A meteorite struck and killed a bus driver in India on Saturday while a returning asteroid will just be 11,000 miles away from Earth at its closest flyby next month, according to NASA.

When **** happens
2016-02-08 - NEW YORK CITY, NY - Everyone defecates, but 'how' and 'where' are questions that highlight class, gender and cultural differences between us.

Nun, 81, charged with hit and run
2016-02-05 - - An 81-year-old nun has been charged with hit and run after she was accused of getting in a car accident then driving away and she now faces up to a year behind bars if proven guilty.

State DOJ and FBI joins investigation regarding bomb threats made towards Manitowoc police
2016-02-05 - - Supposed fans of the popular Netflix series "Making A Murderer" reportedly made bomb threats to Manitowoc police in an attempt to get justice for Steven Avery.

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