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July 28, 2014
Current Weird News Making Headlines

LeBron improves his reputation according to poll
2014-07-28 - - E-Poll results indicate that Americans like LeBron James more than they ever did since his decision to leave for Miami in 2010. LeBron, of course, recently decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and did so in a classy magazine article.

Johnny Manziel's game-used college jersey expected to fetch $100K
2014-07-28 - - Quarterback Johnny Manziel's game-used jersey at Texas A&M is expected to fetch $100,000, the highest price ever paid for a college football jersey. SCP Auctions announced that it has obtained the Texas A&M jersey that Manziel wore for all six of his home games.

Maine family of 5 found dead in home
2014-07-28 - - Five members of a family in Saco, Maine were found dead inside their apartment on Sunday. The fatalities included the parents and their children age 12, 7 and 4. A deputy state medical examiner said each victim was shot.

Lightning kills 1, injures 8 in CA beach
2014-07-28 - - A rare lightning struck and killed a man and injured eight people in Venice beach while another lightning bolt struck and injured a man in Santa Catalina Island on Sunday.

Rockies misspell Tulowitzki's name on 15,000 shirt giveaways
2014-07-27 - - The Colorado Rockies tried to make their fans happy giving away Troy "Tulowizki" shirts rather than Tulowitzki, in a game against the Pirates. The team discovered the error before the game but didn't want to pull the promotion and disappoint fans.

Federal judge strikes down DC ban on carrying guns in public
2014-07-27 - - Federal Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. on Saturday announced his Thursday ruling that the District of Columbia's prohibition against carrying a pistol in public is unconstitutional and ordered the ban to be lifted.

How a key app became this year's best real estate technology
2014-07-25 - - The first real estate technology competition chose the best app that enhances the industry and it was more innovative than online listings services.

Algerian airliner crashes in Mali
2014-07-24 - - An Algerian passenger plane carrying 116 people crashed in Mali on Thursday, aviation officials from the North African country said.

Lawyers asked AZ to stop execution as convict takes two hours to die
2014-07-23 - - Lawyers of Arizona murder convict Joseph Wood III tried in vain to stop his execution Wednesday as he died from substitute lethal drugs injected in him.

Teen in round-the-world flight bid killed in crash, dad missing
2014-07-23 - - An Indiana teen bidding to become the world's youngest person to fly around the world in 30 days on a single-engine plane was killed in a crash in American Samoa Wednesday and his father, who was with him, remains missing.

Browns fan urinates on Art Modell's grave in hate video
2014-07-23 - - A YouTube video showing a Cleveland Browns fan urinating beside Art Modell's grave in Pikesville, Maryland, has received more than 10,000 hits. The fan in the video, titled "Browns Fan 'Pays Respects' to Modell," was initially dressed in a Baltimore Ravens Ed Reed jersey, which was pulled off to reveal a Browns jersey.

Apologetic LeBron sends cupcakes to neighbors over traffic jams
2014-07-23 - - Basketball superstar LeBron James used cupcakes to apologize to his immediate neighbors in Bath Township for the traffic jams caused by his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this month. James bought the property in 2003 and built a 30,000-square-foot mansion on the land.

Global stock value from major capital markets ballooning to $284 trillion by 2030
2014-07-23 - - The total worth of traded stocks in the world's top 60 stock exchanges is ballooning to $284.2 trillion by 2030 from the current $62.3 trillion, the Switzerland-based multinational financial services firm Credit Suisse predicted.

U.S. flags in Brooklyn Bridge replaced with white flags
2014-07-22 - - White flags instead of Old Glories were flapping on top of the Brooklyn Bridge towers on Tuesday morning mocking the supposed tight security for the historical landmark.

Court rules D.C. man who spent 26 years in prison was wrongfully convicted
2014-07-22 - - A District of Columbia Superior Court on Monday exonerated a man who spent 26 years in prison for a 1982 murder he did not commit.

German players damage World Cup replica trophy
2014-07-20 - - A replica of the World Cup trophy was damaged by Germany's players amid wild celebrations in Berlin after their finals win over Argentina at the Maracana last week. DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach said a piece of the trophy "was chipped off".

Chokeholding NYPD cop, EMS volunteers relieved over deadly arrest
2014-07-20 - - A New York Police Department officer was relieved Saturday after he allegedly choked to death a man he was trying to arrest on Thursday while four EMS volunteers who allegedly failed to perform CPR on the victim after he passed out were placed on modified duty.

Appeals court postpones execution of AZ killer over lethal injection drug source, executioner
2014-07-20 - - The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Saturday postponed the Wednesday execution of an Arizona death convict until the source of the lethal injection drug to be used on him and the qualification of the executioner in administering it are revealed.

Self-driving car, smartwatch new tech tools for finding, selling listings
2014-07-17 - - Self-driving cars and smartwatches are among the new technologies that can help buyers and brokers alike to easily survey properties and find leads.

New marijuana law takes effect in D.C.
2014-07-16 - - A new law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana in the capital takes effect on Thursday with D.C. police only fining those found holding an ounce or less of the weed $25 and confiscating the drug.

U.S. starts deporting illegal immigrants, bill on fast immigration hearing filed
2014-07-15 - - Forty Honduran adults and children who recently crossed the Texas border were deported on Monday as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) started sending home some 82,000 illegal immigrants from Central America.

Atheist group flies swastika banner over Coney Island
2014-07-14 - - An atheist group flew a swastika banner over beaches in Coney Island and parts of Long Island on Saturday angering some residents and politicians.

Body found in Mexico may be missing New Yorker motorbiking to World Cup
2014-07-14 - - DNA test will be done on remains recently found by the side of a Mexico road to determine if it belongs to a New Yorker who went missing in January while traveling by motorbike to Brazil for the World Cup event.

Stolen car, bus collide in IN killing carjacker, injuring 19 passengers
2014-07-14 - - A stolen car and a Greyhound bus collided on I-70 in Indiana Sunday killing a carjacker and injuring 19 passengers.

UA flight with cabin odor lands in Midway atoll
2014-07-13 - - A United Airlines Hawaii-Guam flight with 348 passengers made an emergency landing in the remote Pacific island of Midway on Friday night after electrical odor filled its cabin.

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