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Weird News

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November 19, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Ex-NFL QB Doug Flutie's parents die within an hour on same day
2015-11-19 - - Former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie announced that his parents died within an hour of each other Wednesday after being married for 56 years. Flutie said on his Facebook account that his father, Dick, had been ill and died of a heart attack in the hospital.

Dallas woman charged in killing another female by performing illegal cosmetic butt injection
2015-11-19 - - Missouri prosecutors have charged a woman from Dallas with manslaughter as she is accused of causing another woman's death in July by performing an illegal cosmetic butt injection.

Arizona highway trooper helps woman give birth on side of the road
2015-11-18 - - An Arizona highway trooper has helped a woman give birth on the side of a road after he pulled over a speeding driver when he saw the car where the woman was.

NYC hospital announces most extensive face transplant on firefighter
2015-11-16 - - The NYU Langone Medical Center (NLMC) announced on Monday the most extensive face transplant ever done successfully for a Mississippi volunteer firefighter who was disfigured in a 2001 fire rescue act.

Philadelphia police looking for gunman, couple having intercourse in Fairmount Park shot dead
2015-11-11 - - Philadelphia police are still looking for the gunman responsible for the death of the couple who was found dead inside their SUV in Fairmount Park.

Private jet plows into apartment building in Ohio, 9 aboard killed
2015-11-10 - - A small private jet with nine people aboard crashed into a building in Akron, Ohio about 3 p.m. ET Tuesday before it could land at the Akron Fulton International Airport. Two pilots and seven passengers who are said to be on the Hawker H25 business jet were killed in the crash near the corner of Mogadore and Skelton roads.

Bond set at $1 million each for 2 LA officers who shot, killed boy, 9,
2015-11-09 - - A judge on Monday set a $1 million bond for each of two police officers accused of shooting dead a 9-year-old boy and wounding of the victim's father on Wednesday.

Lake Huron shipwreck from 1913 found
2015-11-09 - - A steamship carrying iron ore that sank in Lake Huron during the Great White Hurricanes of 1913 has been found.

Sinkhole opens up in MS restaurant parking lot, swallows 15 cars
2015-11-08 - - A sinkhole opened up in a parking lot of an IHOP restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi Saturday night and swallowed 15 cars.

Streak of light from missile test sparks curiosity from public
2015-11-08 - - A streak of light in Saturday's night sky in Southern California was caught on camera by some onlookers and the photos that were tweeted online became an instant buzz on social media.

Carson counters reports he made up story on his teen anger, West Point scholarship offer
2015-11-07 - - Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson on Friday defended himself against reports that his claims of being a violent teenager and being offered a scholarship at West Point were inaccurate.

Two LA officers arrested, charged with killing boy, 6, wounding dad
2015-11-07 - - Louisiana State Police on Friday arrested two police officers who fired at a car in Marksville Tuesday night killing a 6-year-old boy inside and wounding his father.

Arkansas bus crash kills 6, injures 7
2015-11-06 - - A charter bus crashed into an overpass structure on I-40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas early Friday morning killing six people and injuring at least seven others.

Water main digging under NYC park unearths burial vaults
2015-11-05 - - City workers replacing a 100-year-old water main under the Washington Square Park have stumbled on two 19th century burial vaults containing skeletons.

Chicago police: Gang executed boy, 9
2015-11-05 - - The dead nine-year-old boy found Monday in a South Side alley was executed by gang members who have a grudge against his father, the Chicago police chief said Thursday.

Alabama boy missing since 2002 found living with dad in Ohio
2015-11-05 - - The FBI and police have found in Ohio a 5-year-old Alabama boy missing since 2002 and arrested his father, who abducted him from his mother and assumed a different identity.

Four killed in murder-suicide at Maine home
2015-11-05 - - Maine State Police found four dead adults and an unharmed three-year-old girl inside a two-apartment building in Oakland on Wednesday.

Probe finds IL cop's death a staged suicide, uncovers theft of police department funds
2015-11-04 - - The police officer found dead in a marshy area of Fox Lake, Illinois in September was not killed by criminals but by himself, the Lake County Sheriff's Department announced on Wednesday.

Gunman, police in standoff in San Diego neighborhood
2015-11-04 - - A gunman shooting a long rifle at police officers from an apartment in San Diego triggered the closure of nearby streets, evacuation of some neighbors and halt to plane landings in the city airport on Wednesday.

Number of religious Americans decline, says Pew report
2015-11-03 - - Americans are becoming less religious based on a Pew Research Center (PRC) survey of more than 35,000 U.S. adults in 2014 released on Tuesday.

Skull-shaped asteroid passing near Earth on Halloween
2015-10-31 - - A skull-shaped asteroid that will pass near Earth on Halloween may be spooky but the flyby will be at a safe distance, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Space debris falling to Earth on Nov. 13
2015-10-28 - - A piece of debris from space will reenter the atmosphere and crash into the Indian Ocean on Nov. 13, the European Space Agency (ESA) said in a statement last week.

Man and wife kill his mother, keep body in a motel for weeks
2015-10-26 - - Police officials have confirmed that a man killed his mother in a motel they stayed at and kept the body for around two month then later dumped it in South Carolina.

Drug tunnel found under U.S.-Mexico border yields 12 tons of weed, 22 arrested
2015-10-23 - - U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and Mexican authorities seized 12 tons of marijuana and arrested 22 suspected drug smugglers during Wednesday night's raid of separate warehouses where there are entrances leading to a secret tunnel under the U.S.-Mexico border.

Minnesota woman arrested after sending letter threatening to eat neighbor's 'tasty children'
2015-10-23 - - A Minnesota woman was arrested after she sent a letter to her neighbors containing the words: "The children look delicious. May I have a taste?"

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