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November 21, 2014
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Woman with gun arrested outside White House
2014-11-21 - - An armed woman outside the White House was arrested by Secret Service agents on Thursday night, two days after a man was arrested for having a rifle in his car near the presidential residence.

Slain FSU gunman an alumni, lawyer paranoid of being spied on
2014-11-20 - - Police have identified the gunman who shot and wounded three people at a Florida State University library before being killed by campus police officers early Thursday as an alumni of FSU and a lawyer suffering from mental disorder.

Sweden appeals court upholds arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder
2014-11-20 - - An appeals court in Sweden rejected Thursday Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's July plea to dismiss his arrest warrant for alleged rape and molestation of two Swedish women in 2010.

Artist vows to wear Oculus Rift for straight 28 days
2014-11-20 - - An artist from the United Kingdom is reportedly planning to spend 28 days straight under the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift in a room that is open for viewing.

Secret Service arrests Iowa man with rifle, ammo on car near White House
2014-11-19 - - Secret Service agents arrested an Iowa man after they found a rifle, 40 rounds of ammunition and a knife inside his car parked near the White House on Wednesday.

Miss World Beauty Queen Goes Missing Days Before Pageant
2014-11-19 - - Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado Muñoz, set to participate in one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world, the upcoming Miss World, and her sister, Sofia Trinidad has been reported missing.

Small cargo plane crashes into Chicago home, elderly couple escapes unscathed
2014-11-18 - - A small cargo plane crashed into a home in Chicago's Southwest Side Tuesday morning killing it's lone pilot while two elderly occupants of the house were unharmed.

Pacemakers Get Hacked On TV, But Could It Happen In Real Life?
2014-11-18 - WASHINGTON, D.C. - Concerns about the potential vulnerability of medical devices are getting the attention of regulators, health care providers and manufacturers.

Chocolate firms warn of chocolate shortage by 2020
2014-11-17 - - Chocolate manufacturers Mars, Inc. and Swiss-based Barry Callebaut have warned of a severe shortage in chocolate by 2020 due to high demand and low production of cocoa.

Newly-elected Okinawa governor to remove U.S. military base on island
2014-11-17 - - The newly-elected governor of Okinawa has vowed to remove the U.S. military facility on the Japanese islands.

Thai police seeks arrest of 2 Americans for stealing body parts at hospital museum
2014-11-17 - - Thai police are securing arrest warrants for two Americans who tried to ship to Nevada infant and adult body parts they allegedly stole from a hospital museum in Bangkok.

Teen injured in fall from ferris wheel in Arizona carnival
2014-11-16 - - A 12- to 14-year-old boy was injured after falling from a ferris wheel at a carnival in El Mirage, Arizona on Saturday night.

Norovirus outbreak sickens 172 cruise ship passengers, crews
2014-11-16 - - A total 158 passengers and 14 crews of the Crown Princess cruise ship were downed by norovirus during the last few days of their trip to California after a 28-day sail to Hawaii and Tahiti, the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) has reported.

ISIS video shows beheading of U.S. aid worker
2014-11-16 - - The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has released a video on the Internet showing the beheading of American aid worker Peter Kassig, 26.

Jose Canseco's severed finger falls off during poker event
2014-11-15 - - Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco claimed that part of his finger that he accidentally shot fell off during a poker tournament. Canseco suffered a severed finger after he accidentally shot his left hand while cleaning a handgun, according to Las Vegas police.

No more touchdown celebration leap for Saints' Jimmy Graham
2014-11-15 - - New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham will no longer be leaping in to the stands after getting groped by a fan celebrating a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers.

Death Row Inmate from Connecticut files lawsuit, is not being served Kosher food
2014-11-14 - - A Connecticut inmate awaiting his execution refuses to eat food served in prison pressing that it is not kosher and that he has suffered emotionally and physically from it. It lead to a lawsuit filed by the said inmate.

World's Tallest And Shortest Men Meet
2014-11-14 - - The most extreme pair, the world's tallest and shortest men, have met in London during an event organized by the Guinness World Records to celebrate a day called "Guinness World Records Day".

Window washers rescued from tilted scaffold at 68th floor of 1WTC
2014-11-12 - - New York City firefighters cut through a thick glass window of the 104-storey One World Trade Center Wednesday afternoon to rescue two window washers trapped in a tilted scaffold outside the building's 68th floor.

Mormon founder married up to 40 women, including other men's wives, 14-year-old
2014-11-11 - - Mormon founder Joseph Smith was married to about 40 women, including a friend's 14-year-old daughter and wives of other men, according to essays published by the church on its website.

Two Kansas high school students commit suicide days apart
2014-11-11 - - Classmates of two Olathe Northwest High School students who committed suicide over the weekend were shaken after they were told of the deaths on Monday.

No more arrests for carrying less than ounce of pot in NYC
2014-11-11 - - New York police have been ordered to just ticket people found carrying small amounts of marijuana instead of arresting them.

NYC doctor recovers from Ebola, to leave hospital
2014-11-10 - - Harlem doctor Craig Spencer has recovered from Ebola infection and will be released from the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Freight train hits, kills boy who 'froze' on track
2014-11-10 - - A five-year-old boy playing on a railroad track in Spanish Fork, Utah froze at the sight of an oncoming freight train and was fatally hit Sunday afternoon.

Ex-Pat Mike Vrabel loses 3 Super Bowl rings to burglars
2014-11-08 - - Houston Texans linebackers coach Mike Vrabel's three Super Bowl rings he won while playing for the New England Patriots were reportedly stolen from his home. The Bellaire Police Department said the burglary took place around 11 a.m. Saturday.

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