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September 1, 2014
Current Weird News Making Headlines

EF0 tornado hits MA city, snow falls in AK and WY
2014-09-01 - - Labor Day weekend's weather saw an EF0 tornado land in Worcester, Massachusetts and snow falling in parts of northern Alaska and Wyoming on Sunday.

Two teens fall from Texas carnival ride
2014-09-01 - - A 13-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were injured when they fell from a carnival ride at the St. Anthony's Bazaar in El Paso, Texas on Sunday night.

Libyan militia raids evacuated U.S. embassy
2014-08-31 - - Members of a Libyan militia raided the empty U.S. embassy in Tripoli on Sunday as fighting among rebel groups in the country continues.

Oregon beach sand collapses, kills 9-year-old girl
2014-08-31 - - A 9-year-old girl was killed when a hole she was making on a beach in Lincoln City, Oregon collapsed on her on Friday.

Fort Hood shooter seeks ISIS caliphate citizenship amid group's recruitment drive
2014-08-29 - - The Army psychiatrist convicted of shooting dead 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009 is asking the leader of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq to be a citizen of the jihadist group's caliphate.

High school junior an online hit for 'sewer fishing'
2014-08-28 - - Kyle Naegeli is fast becoming an online sensation with his ability to catch fish in his neighborhood's sewer system. The 16-year-old junior from Katy High School junior claims he's reeled in at least 200 fish from the storm drains on his street.

Hurricane Marie sends giant waves crashing into CA beaches, island
2014-08-28 - - Giant surfs triggered by Hurricane Marie slammed parts of California's coast Wednesday damaging an island's boatyard and piers and stopping shipping operations at the Port of Long Beach.

Attention Mozzarella Cheese Lovers: Science Has Proven Mozzarella is best Pizza Cheese
2014-08-28 - - Her Ye! Her Ye! Hail the king of cheeses. Mozzarella Cheese has been chosen as the best pizza cheese ever used. No one should argue about this since it has been proven by Science.

Ducey beats 7 rivals in Republican primary for AZ governor
2014-08-27 - - Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey beat five rivals and two write-in candidates to win the Republican primary for state governor on Tuesday.

Mom begs ISIS to release son, freed hostage returns home
2014-08-27 - - The mother of an American journalist held captive by Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq has pleaded with the captors to free her son as another writer released by Syrian rebels arrived home.

Fighter jet crashes in VA forest, pilot missing
2014-08-27 - - Rescuers in helicopters and on the ground are searching for a missing fighter jet pilot in the thick forest near western Virginia's Elliot Knob mountain on Wednesday.

Shooting range accident kills gun instructor as girl loses control of Uzi
2014-08-27 - - A weapon instructor was killed at an Arizona outdoor shooting range Monday after a nine-year-old girl he was training lost control of an Uzi and it accidentally fired hitting him in the head.

NC studes develop nail polish that detects date rape drugs
2014-08-27 - - A group of chemistry students from the North Carolina State University have developed a nail polish that can detect a date rape drug on a drink to protect women against sexual assault.

American fighting for ISIS killed in battle with Syrian rebels
2014-08-26 - - An American was killed during an armed clash between rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Syria over the weekend.

ISIS demands $6.6 ransom for release of American hostage
2014-08-26 - - The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has demanded that the U.S. government pay $6.6 million in ransom and release a Muslim woman prisoner in exchange for the life and freedom of an American woman the terrorist group is holding hostage.

Slain Ferguson, MO. teen's funeral draws thousands
2014-08-25 - - Some 4,500 mourners packed the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis during Monday's funeral service for Michael Brown, a teenager shot death by a police officer on Aug. 9 sparking two weeks of protests and rioting in the town of Ferguson.

UK intelligence agencies say British rapper beheaded American journalist
2014-08-24 - - Britain's foreign and domestic intelligence services have identified the British jihadist who beheaded American journalist James Foley as British rapper L Jinny, according to sources from the British government.

Blackhawks logo picked as NHL's best
2014-08-22 - - The NHL picked the Chicago Blackhawks logo, showing a Native American chief amid a vibrant color combination that respectfully honors a WWI battalion, as the league's best. Team president John McDonough and other officials are in constant contact with various native Americans tribes.

Tony Stewart to skip third NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race
2014-08-22 - - Tony Stewart will miss his third consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race as he perhaps has yet to mentally recover from the Aug. 9 incident that caused the death of driver Kevin Ward Jr. The next Sprint Cup race is Aug. 31 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The next Sprint Cup race is Aug. 31 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Calm returns to Ferguson, National Guard leaving
2014-08-22 - - Gov. Jay Nixon ordered Thursday the withdrawal of the Missouri National Guard from Ferguson as calm returned to the St. Louis suburb's streets after days of clashes between protesters and police.

Atlanta hospital releases cured Ebola patients
2014-08-21 - - The missionaries infected with Ebola while treating patients in Liberia have been cured of the disease and released from an Atlanta hospital.

Physician calls Taney Dragons ace Mo'ne Davis 'special'
2014-08-21 - - Taney Dragons ace Mo'ne Davis, who captured the nation's attention with her amazing pitching in the Little League World Series, has been described as special by a renowned physician. Davis had already pitched one shutout in the tournament.

SWAT team storms Harvey home to end hostage standoff, suspects arrested
2014-08-20 - - A SWAT team stormed a home in Harvey, IL Wednesday morning and rescued four people held hostage by two suspected burglars since Tuesday afternoon.

Rare summer storm prompts lightning warning in San Diego beaches
2014-08-20 - - A rare thunderstorm will bring dangerous lightning strikes to beaches in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar and Oceanside until 11 a.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service warned.

Dick Bavetta hangs up whistle after 39 years as NBA official
2014-08-19 - - The NBA announced that veteran referee Dick Bavetta will be retiring after officiating for 39 years in 2,635 straight games.

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