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March 5, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Hung jury rules out death penalty for lover killer Jodi Arias
2015-03-05 - - Jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict to execute Jodi Arias for killing her boyfriend in 2008 in a penalty retrial leaving a judge only the option of sentencing her to life imprisonment on Thursday.

Microsoft co-founder bares discovery of sunken Japanese warship
2015-03-04 - - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen announced on Twitter that his expedition team found a Japanese battleship sunk during World War II that they have been searching for eight years.

Chinese father writes letter to 1,000 lawmakers
2015-03-04 - - The father of a gay son identified a Lin Xianzhi penned a letter to 1,000 lawmakers two days before the "two sessions" for gay marriage kicks off regarding the legalization of the matter.

Ex-CIA director agrees to plead guilty to sharing classified information to mistress
2015-03-03 - - Former CIA director David Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to sharing classified information to a mistress during his term at the agency, according to the Justice Department.

Armed men rob armored truck of $4 million worth of gold
2015-03-02 - - Three armed men took barrels of gold valued at $4 million from an armored truck that broke down on North Carolina's Interstate 95 on Sunday, according to Wilson County deputies.

Florida police chief fired after arrest for soliciting prostitute
2015-03-01 - - The chief of a South Florida police department was fired from his job hours after he was arrested by undercover police in a prostitution sting operation on Friday.

Stolen NASCAR race car found in wooden area
2015-02-28 - - The NASCAR race car that was stolen from a hotel parking lot near the Atlanta Motor Speedway has been found. Philip Whitmer found Travis Kvapil's No. 44 Team Xtreme Racing Chevrolet in a wooden area near Loganville. Investigators searched the car and it seemed to be intact.

Georgia postpones execution of woman due to weather
2015-02-25 - - The execution of the second woman in Georgia history on Wednesday was postponed to Monday with prison officials citing the weather for the rescheduling.

Houston doctors separate conjoined twin babies
2015-02-23 - - A team of 30 doctors at Texas Children's Hospital have successfully separated two 10-month-old conjoined twins in a 26-hour operation.

NASA camera videos passing meteor lighting up Pittsburgh sky
2015-02-18 - - A passing meteor that lighted the early morning sky above Pittsburgh on Tuesday was caught by NASA's network of cameras and seen in Ohio and New York.

Number of candidates for first Mars colonists down to 100
2015-02-18 - - The number of people vying to become the first four colonists in Mars is down to 100 from more than 202,000 applicants, according to the organizer of the trip to the Red Planet scheduled in 2025.

Haiti Carnival float touches power line, 16 killed
2015-02-17 - - Sixteen people were killed and 78 others were injured Tuesday when a float touched a power line and triggered panic in the crowd during a Mardi Gras Carnival parade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Bull badly gores Georgia student at Spain carnival
2015-02-16 - - A 20-year-old student was severely wounded after a bull gored and tossed him during a bullfighting festival in western Spain on Saturday.

Kentucky teen allegedly behind family's murder in deadly shootout with police
2015-02-15 - - The parents and sibling of a Kentucky teenager, who was killed in a shootout with police in Baltimore County on Saturday morning, were found dead in a home in Corbin, Kentucky.

DOJ seeks records of resigned Oregon governor, fiancee amid ethics scandal
2015-02-14 - - The Department of Justice on Friday filed criminal subpoenas with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services to obtain records of resigned governor John Kitzhaber, his fiancee and other state officials, who are being investigated for possible ethics violations.

Florida teenager undergoes first ever penis reduction process
2015-02-14 - - A 17-year-old teenager from Florida, United States reportedly has undergone penis reduction because according to him, his large private part has restricted him to have intercourse and that he has a difficult time playing sports.

Utah woman pleads guilty to killing six of her newborns
2015-02-12 - - A Pleasant Grove woman pleaded guilty Thursday to murdering six of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in her garage for years.

Three tickets win $564 million Powerball jackpot
2015-02-12 - - Tickets sold in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas matched the six Powerball jackpot numbers drawn Wednesday night to win the cash prize of $564.1 million, lottery officials announced Thursday.

Powerball jackpot reaches $500 million
2015-02-11 - - The Powerball jackpot has grown to $500 milllion going into Wednesday night's draw after the last draw on Saturday yielded no winner.

Ohio girl, 11, charged with murder of newborn
2015-02-10 - - An 11-year-old girl was charged with murder on Monday for beating to death an 2-month-old infant that her mother was babysitting.

Chinese tourists banned for half a day in Thailand's White Temple
2015-02-09 - - Chinese tourists were reportedly not allowed to enter the "White Temple" or the "Wat Rong Khun" in Chiang Rai, Thailand for half a day because of complaints received by the owner of the popular tourist spot regarding inappropriate toilet usage.

Drone crash on White House ground prompts lockdown
2015-01-26 - - A drone crashed on the southeast corner of the White House prompting the Secret Service to lock down the complex early Monday.

Asteroid to pass close to Earth
2015-01-26 - - A big asteroid is passing near Earth on Monday but it poses no threat to the planet, the National Space and Aeronautics Administration said.

Patriots QB Tom Brady said NFL has not contacted him about deflated balls
2015-01-22 - - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady professed his innocence Thursday about the underinflated footballs and said he hasn't been contacted by the NFL about its investigation. Brady insisted that the 24 footballs were "perfect" at the time he selected those for referees to inspect.

Sandy Hook school shooter's home to be demolished
2015-01-22 - - Members of the Newtown Legislative Council unanimously voted Wednesday to demolish the home of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre shooter Adam Lanza.

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