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Weird News

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August 19, 2014
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Dick Bavetta hangs up whistle after 39 years as NBA official
2014-08-19 - - The NBA announced that veteran referee Dick Bavetta will be retiring after officiating for 39 years in 2,635 straight games.

Ferguson police arrest 78 protesters, friends defend cop who shot teen
2014-08-19 - - St. Louis County police arrested 75 protesters in Ferguson streets late Monday night for reportedly refusing to disperse and three men for committing other offenses.

EZ Flix app lets agents create, syndicate listings videos on smartphones
2014-08-18 - - Florida-based digital media company RealBiz Media Group, Inc. will soon release a mobile app that creates and syndicates listings videos for real estate agents.

Police find, arrest teen for beating park ranger who stopped skateboarding
2014-08-18 - - Philadelphia police on Monday found and arrested a teenager who beat a park ranger who stopped him and his friends from skateboarding at the Love Park on Friday.

Police cadet dies in TN home gun battle after shooting dead 1
2014-08-18 - - A shooting and gun battle at a Knoxville, TN home killed two people, including a police cadet, and wounded two others on Friday night.

Lawyer calls indictment of Gov. Perry 'political abuse of court system'
2014-08-17 - - Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his lawyer on Sunday defended the former's action to veto funding for an ethics agency that led to his indictment for allegedly abusing his power.

Girl, 3, killed in police-suspect shootout
2014-08-17 - - A three-year-old girl was killed inside a car during a shootout between a man who shot two people and police chasing him in Camp Springs, Maryland on Saturday.

Slain Chicago woman's body stuffed inside suitcase in Bali, 2 suspects questioned
2014-08-13 - - The body of a Chicago woman was found stuffed inside a suitcase in Bali, Indonesia on Tuesday and local police are interrogating the victim's daughter and her boyfriend in connection with the killing.

Family donates organs of UT teen ran over in driveway
2014-08-12 - - The family of a Syracuse, Utah teen, who died Sunday after being accidentally run over by her older sister while sunbathing in a driveway, is donating the victim's organs.

Firefighters rescue 24 riders of stalled Six Flags roller coaster
2014-08-10 - - Firefighters rescued 24 people who got stuck in a roller coaster that stalled on tracks 75 feet above the ground at Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on Sunday evening.

Hockey player thanks helmet makers for protection against stick-smashing hit
2014-08-10 - - Female teen hockey player Hannah Bates of the US West Coast team thanked her helmet's manufacturers for protecting her against a sitck smashing hit by a Russian opponent. Bates did not suffer any serious injury and took to Twitter to say thanks to the makers of her helmet.

Hurricane Julio weakens, takes northerly track
2014-08-10 - - Hurricane Julio weakened to a category 1 hurricane on Saturday at 2 p.m. as its maximum sustained winds of 100 mph became 90 mph, forecasters said.

Montana Sen. Josh Walsh pulls out of senate race over plagiarism scandal
2014-08-07 - - Democratic Senator John Walsh of Montana declared Thursday his withdrawal from the Senate race saying the plagiarism scandal he was embroiled in continues to be a distraction in his campaign.

Jury convicts MI man of murder for shooting killing teen on his porch
2014-08-07 - - A jury convicted Thursday a Dearborn Heights, Michigan man of second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearm for the shooting dead of a 19-year-old woman in his porch in November.

Dover funeral home yields ashes of Jonestown mass suicide-murder victims
2014-08-07 - - Thirty-eight containers with ashes have been found in a former funeral home in Dover and nine of them belong to victims of the 1978 Jonestown mass suicide-murder that killed 913 members of the religious cult Peoples Temple.

Silly, Geeky, Money: The Big Business of a Fandom
2014-08-07 - - LeakyCon, named after the Leaky Cauldron Pub in Harry Potter, is a yearly event attended by fans from all over the world to celebrate iconic works of Literature, Film and Television. It started out as homage to Harry Potter but quickly grew so big it's being rebranded as GeekyCon in 2015.

EU spacecraft first to orbit comet, snaps photos of cliffs and craters
2014-08-06 - - The European Space Agency's spacecraft Rosetta finally caught up with comet 67P on Wednesday after chasing it for 10 years and is now orbiting the shooting star to map it.

Mudslide hits UT hillside home, residents evacuate
2014-08-05 - - Mud, rock and debris crashed on a hillside home in North Salt Lake, Utah Tuesday morning forcing residents of 27 other nearby homes to evacuate.

Boy, 12, stabs 9-year-old, then calls police to arrest him
2014-08-05 - - A 12-year-old boy pleaded not guilty to charges of murder on Tuesday afternoon after he stabbed a 9-year-old boy at a playground of a Michigan mobile home park the night before.

SoCal teen takes YouTube 'fire challenge', suffers severe burns
2014-08-03 - - A 16-year-old boy from Santa Ana, California suffered severe burns in his face, neck and hips after lighting nail polish remover he poured on his chest as part of a YouTube craze called "fire challenge."

China quake kills 175, injures 1,400
2014-08-03 - - A 6.5-magnitude earthquake killed at least 175 people and injured at least 1,400 others in southwest China's Yunnan Province on Sunday.

American infected with Ebola flying home for treatment in GA
2014-08-01 - - One of two American aid workers stricken with the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa will be flown home for treatment in a Georgia hospital.

Browns fan to be charged for urinating on Art Modell's grave
2014-07-30 - - The Cleveland Browns fan who posted a youtube video of himself urinating on the grave of former team owner Art Modell has been identified and will be charged in court. Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger said that the charges will serve as a deterrent against indecencies on final resting places.

Businessman exploited troubled marriage, wife of ex-VA Gov. claims in corruption trial
2014-07-29 - - The wife of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell claimed that their failing marriage was exploited by the businessman who gave them gifts at the start of the couple's corruption trial on Tuesday.

California park trail crew finds missing teen hiker
2014-07-29 - - Trail crews of Kings Canyon National Park in California on Monday found a 13-year-old hiker missing for almost two days.

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