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Weird News

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May 5, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Ohio inmate who escaped in 1959 found, arrested in Florida
2015-05-05 - - An Ohio fugitive was found and arrested on Monday in Florida after 55 years on the run. Frank Freshwaters, who escaped from the Sandusky Honor Farm in September 1959, was found by U.S. Marshals living alone in a rented trailer with few neighbors and under a different name in Melbourne.

Son stabs dead parents in Virgin Islands vacation home
2015-05-05 - - The son of an elderly Massachusetts couple found stabbed to death in the Virgin Islands has been charged for the killing.

Premature baby delivered from brain-dead mom in Nebraska
2015-05-03 - - A baby boy was delivered by Omaha doctors from a brain-dead woman they kept alive for 54 days because he was premature.

Rescuers find 101-year-old man alive under collapsed home in Nepal
2015-05-03 - - Police found alive a 101-year-old man under the rubble of his collapsed home in Nepal on Saturday, one week after the devastating earthquake hit the mountainous country and killed more than 7,200 people.

NASA spacecraft ends Mercury probe with crash to planet
2015-04-30 - - The NASA spacecraft probing Mercury crashed into the planet's surface on Thursday after running out of fuel ending its successful four-year mission of exploring the planet closest to the Sun.

Two teenagers get four years in the killing of 2004 Miss Venezuela Monica Spear
2015-04-30 - - Two teenage boys were sentenced to four years in prison regarding the killing of 2004 Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her ex-husband Henry Thomas Berry.

Clinton Foundation admits 'mistakes' in IRS filings, to refile tax returns
2015-04-26 - - The non-profit Clinton Foundation filed wrong tax returns for several years but CEO Maura Pally said it will be corrected by re-filing revised tax forms.

Sisters stranded in Michigan woods for 2 weeks found, rescued
2015-04-26 - - Two sisters who were stranded in a Michigan woods for 13 days after their car got stuck in snow have been found unharmed and rescued on Friday.

LA doctors find embryo inside skull of a 26-year-old woman
2015-04-23 - - A complete embryo was found inside the brain of a 26-year-old woman causing her to have difficulties conversing and reading and Los Angeles doctors were able to successfully remove it.

Arkansas truck driver pleads guilty to trading lunch meat for crack
2015-04-23 - - An Arkansas tractor-trailer driver pleaded guilty on charges filed against him for trading $50,000 worth of lunch meat in exchange for crack cocaine resulting to him being sentenced on Monday.

Burglars bore hole in London safe deposit center, steal $300 million in jewelry
2015-04-22 - - Thieves broke into a London vault by boring a big hole through a concrete wall and stole an estimated $300 million in jewelry from safe deposit boxes, investigators revealed on Wednesday.

Activist swims dirtiest U.S. canal in Earth Day stunt, Obama visits Everglades
2015-04-22 - - A clean water activist swam America's dirtiest canal in Brooklyn on Wednesday to mark Earth Day and raise awareness to its cleanup while President Barack Obama delivered a climate change speech in the Florida Everglades.

U.S. Capitol 'flying intruder' to be detained at home after slapped with charges
2015-04-16 - - The mailman who flew and landed a gyro-copter in the U.S. Capitol grounds on Wednesday will be detained at his home in Florida after he was charged in a federal court on Thursday.

Babies: First female quintuplets born in U.S., 65 Year old German pregnant with quadruplets
2015-04-15 - - The first all-girl quintuplets in the U.S. have been born in a Texas hospital while a 65-year-old German, who is 21 weeks pregnant with quadruplets, will try to set a world record as the oldest woman to give birth to four babies at the same time.

Twin babies strapped in stroller fall into canal as mom swatted bee
2015-04-15 - - Two babies strapped on a stroller accidentally drowned to death after they fell into a canal and were swept away by rushing water when their mother let go of them to fend off a bee on Friday, according to Yuma police.

Boy, 3, shoots dead boy, 1, in Cleveland home
2015-04-13 - - A 3-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed a 1-year-old boy inside the family home in Cleveland's East Side on Sunday afternoon.

Centenarian hacks 88-year-old wife dead with ax before killing self
2015-04-07 - - Police found the bodies of a 100-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife, victims of an apparent murder-suicide, in their home in Elmwood Park on Monday.

Power outage hits D.C. area, part of Maryland
2015-04-07 - - Power was temporarily cut in the D.C. area and southern Maryland Tuesday afternoon after equipment of a utility firm fell to the ground.

UVA frat to sue Rolling Stone over wrong report
2015-04-06 - - A fraternity chapter in the University of Virginia is suing the Rolling Stone magazine for wrongfully reporting about a gang rape by its members that damaged the reputation of the organization.

Mummified body removed from hoarder's home
2015-04-06 - - Firefighters have removed a mummified body that cleaners found inside a San Francisco home filled with debris and infested with rats and spiders.

Edward Snowden bust installed, removed in Brooklyn park
2015-04-06 - - Unidentified men installed a bronze statue of fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn early Monday but authorities removed the bust later.

NFL to hire first female full-time official
2015-04-03 - - The NFL is set to hire former Conference USA official Sarah Thomas as the league's first female full-time official, according to several media reports. The Baltimore Sun tweeted and the Los Angeles Times reported that Thomas will be among eight new officials for the 2015 season.

German ship, Coast Guard rescue SC sailor missing for 66 days
2015-04-03 - - A German container ship found and rescued on Thursday a South Carolina sailor who had been missing since Jan. 29 after his sailboat malfunctioned.

DC police capture armed prisoner who escaped from Virginia hospital
2015-03-31 - - Police in D.C. captured Tuesday a prisoner hours after he escaped from a Virginia hospital by overpowering his private security guard and taking her gun.

Found remains believed to be from missing Alaska family of 4, dog
2015-03-24 - - The remains of four people and a dog found off a vehicle trail in Kenai could be from the family and a pet that went missing in May, according to police.

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