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October 9, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Connecticut teenager jumps from moving car of would-be kidnapper, police search for suspect
2015-10-09 - - Police officials are reportedly looking for a woman who is accused to have tried to abduct a teenage girl who jumped out of her moving car.

Video of IU fraternity men watching initiates in sex act prompts closure of chapter
2015-10-08 - - A fraternity at the Indiana University-Bloomington was closed on Thursday after a video showing its members watching initiates in a sex act with hired dancers surfaced online.

Man living in front yard of his million-dollar home after divorce with wife
2015-10-08 - - A man has been living for six months now outside his million-dollar home after his divorce with his wife ended bitterly.

South Carolina man arrested, called 911 because his girlfriend won't have sex with him
2015-10-08 - - A South Carolina drunk man was arrested after he called 911 to report that his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

Aussie toddler breaks neck in car collision, surgery re-attaches head to spine
2015-10-07 - - A one-year-old Australian boy broke his neck in a car collision but a spinal surgeon has successfully reattached his head and spine.

Muralist killed in West Oakland while he was painting a project
2015-10-01 - - A muralist has been shot and killed in West Oakland while he was painting a project for the community.

Oklahoma governor halts execution over wrong lethal injection drug
2015-10-01 - - Gov. Mary Fallin on Wednesday issued a 37-day stay of execution for Richard Glossip so the state can ensure that a drug to be used for lethal injection is compliant with federal protocols.

NASA confirms liquid water flows on Mars surface
2015-09-28 - - NASA scientists on Monday revealed evidence that confirms liquid water flows on Mars in a study published on the journal Nature Geoscience.

Prison worker sentenced to 7 years for helping inmates escape
2015-09-28 - - The prison seamstress who provided tools to two inmates to help them escape from the maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York in June was sentenced to seven years imprisonment on Monday.

Ohio couple suspected for bank robbery arrested after posting photos on Facebook
2015-09-28 - - An Ohio couple suspected for bank robbery was caught and arrested by police officials after they posted photos of themselves on Facebook showing off a lot of money.

Indy suspected store thief dies in police custody
2015-09-27 - - A man arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at an Indianapolis retail store died before he was taken to jail on Saturday.

Supermoon lunar eclipse to be seen in 70 percent of U.S.
2015-09-27 - - A rare supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday night will be visible in 70 percent of the U.S. with clouds or bad weather blocking the view for skywatchers located east of the Mississippi River, Alaska and Hawaii.

South Florida man admits to killing girlfriend after she cried out ex-husband's name during sex
2015-09-22 - - A South Florida man has been charged with murder after he admitted that he killed his girlfriend and removed her internal organs with his bare hands after the latter screamed her ex-husband's name while they were having sex.

Three men seen climbing Eiffel Tower, landmark closed due to terrorism scare
2015-09-21 - - Three people escalating the Eiffel Tower feared to be terrorists have resulted to the landmark being closed to tourists. The landmark was shut down after three suspects ascended the popular tourist attraction bearing large rucksacks. Anti-terrorist police boarded a helicopter hours after the alarm was raised at the landmark.

AHL's Syracuse Crunch offers Donald Trump chance to run hockey team
2015-09-18 - - The Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League has offered presidential candidate Donald Trump the chance to learn how to run a hockey team. An affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Crunch earlier issued a challenge to Trump via You Tube to coach their team.

Brooksville Florida woman arrested, had 3,500 knives and swords at home
2015-09-17 - - A Florida woman who tried to stab a deputy with a sword inside a mobile home that had around 3,500 knives, swords, and other bladed instruments was arrested by authorities.

American Airlines flight diverts to Indianapolis after passenger became unruly
2015-09-15 - - An American Airlines plane flying from Miami to Chicago diverted to Indianapolis Monday evening after an unruly passenger struck a flight attendant and another passenger who were restraining her.

Lewis Fogle's murder indictment overturned, freed after 34 year by DNA results
2015-09-15 - - DNA evidence has freed Lewis Fogle from being alleged of participating in the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl.

Child's feet, hands found in Chicago park lagoon
2015-09-06 - - Chicago police found decomposing feet and hands of a child in the Garfield Park Lagoon on Saturday prompting a search of the pond for other body parts.

Patriots QB Tom Brady acknowledges negative impact of 'Deflategate' on NFL
2015-09-05 - - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he is pleased to be eligible to play, but acknowledged that the "Deflategate" ordeal is bad for the sport and made them all losers. Brady apologized to those whose feelings he may have hurt trying to resolve the situation and for what the league had to endure.

French prosecutors: wing part found in Reunion Island is from missing Malaysia Airlines plane
2015-09-03 - - The part of a Boeing 777 wing that washed up on the shore of Reunion Island in July came from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, French prosecutors confirmed on Thursday.

Woman makes false report of seeing Illinois cop killers
2015-09-03 - - Some 85 law enforcers rushed to a cornfield in Lake County, IL Wednesday night after receiving a report that the killers of a Fox Lake police officer were seen there, but it turned out to be a hoax.

Released Clinton emails mention 'Gefilte fish,' 'lazy Boehner' and TV show time query
2015-09-01 - - Thousands of emails that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent and received using a private email account when she was secretary of state are out in the public and some of them contained bad comments on House Speaker John Boehner and queries about a Jewish dish and TV show schedules.

Gunman unloaded entire pistol into slain Texas deputy
2015-08-31 - - The suspected killer of a Texas deputy shot his victim 15 times emptying his pistol of bullets, prosecutors said in court on Monday.

Tallest mountain in North America renamed Denali
2015-08-31 - - The 20,237-foot Mount McKinley in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America, has been renamed Denali on the order of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell with the approval of President Barack Obama.

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