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Weird News

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October 30, 2014
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Apple CEO Tim Cook opens up to being gay
2014-10-30 - - Apple Inc. boss Tim Cook opened up to being a gay in an editorial on Bloomberg Businessweek magazine on Thursday.

Plane crashes into airport building in Kansas, 4 killed
2014-10-30 - - A small plane crashed into a building at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport shortly after takeoff killing four people and injuring five others on Thursday.

Suspect in cop ambush, Eric Matthew Frein, surrenders to Pennsylvania police
2014-10-30 - - The ambush shooting suspect who killed a Pennsylvania state police officer and wounded another last month surrendered to police without incident on Thursday.

Maine nurse defies order to quarantine, bikes with boyfriend
2014-10-30 - - Maine nurse Kaci Hickox defied state authorities' order for her to self-quarantine for 21 days as a precaution against spreading Ebola virus by biking with her boyfriend on Thursday.

Texas murder convict blows kisses before execution
2014-10-29 - - A former gang member convicted for killing three rival gang members in San Antonio in 2000 blew kisses to his friends before he was executed by lethal injection in Texas on Tuesday.

Son beheads mom in Long Island, then jumps in path of train
2014-10-29 - - A psychotic man beheaded her mother and then ended his own life by jumping in the path of a moving train in Long Island on Tuesday night.

Ex-baseball MVP Jose Canseco accidentally shoots self in finger
2014-10-29 - - Ex-Major League Baseball MVP Jose Canseco had to undergo surgery Tuesday after accidentally shooting himself in the left middle finger while cleaning a semiautomatic handgun.The doctors said they would either have to amputate or do reconstructive surgery, but it would not allow him to use it again.

Private rocket sending supplies to space station explodes after liftoff
2014-10-28 - - A private rocket and a cargo ship loaded with supplies for the crews of the International Space Station (ISS) exploded seconds after liftoff from a NASA launchpad on Tuesday.

Ebola patient Amber Vinson declared free from virus, leaves Atlanta hospital
2014-10-28 - - Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was released Tuesday from the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta as she fully recovered from Ebola and is no longer infectious.

Suspect reportedly shoots SWAT officer serving warrant
2014-10-28 - - A SWAT officer was critically wounded after he was shot while serving a search warrant for the alleged perpetrator's home in San Gabriel, California early Tuesday.

PA police use unmanned balloon in search for cop assassin
2014-10-27 - - The Pennsylvania State Police started using an unmanned surveillance balloon in the search for Eric Frein, who is suspected of shooting dead a trooper and wounding another officer in a barracks in Blooming Grove on Sept. 12.

Bronx boy tested negative from Ebola, to stay isolated for more tests
2014-10-27 - - The 5-year-old Bronx boy taken Sunday night to the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan on suspicion of Ebola infection was negative from the virus based on the result of his lab test, but he will stay isolated there for additional tests.

Bears' Lamarr Houston suffers season ending injury with sack celebration
2014-10-27 - - Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston suffered a season-ending injury, after he ruptured his right ACL celebrating a sack in a 51-23 loss against the New England Patriots Sunday.

Bronx boy tested for Ebola, NJ releases nurse for home quarantine
2014-10-27 - - A 5-year-old boy, who returned home in Bronx, New York from Guinea on Saturday, and his family were put under quarantine Monday after he developed Ebola symptoms.

Kilauea volcano's lava flow threatens Hawaii village
2014-10-27 - - Lava flow from the continuously erupting Kilauea volcano in Hawaii's Big Island has moved to a cemetery in the Puna District on Sunday and threatens dozens of homes in the remote Pahoa village.

Five students wounded in Marysville high school shooting recovering
2014-10-26 - - Five students wounded in the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School remain hospitalized and in critical and serious condition Sunday.

Mormon Video Explains Use of Holy Garments to Outsiders
2014-10-25 - - Temple Garments worn by members of the Church of Ladder Day Saints are regarded with the same piety as the sacred vestments of other traditions. Normally they are worn only in the temple or underneath other clothes when in the world, leaving Non-Mormons unaware of their significance. A recent Youtube video by the LDS explains.

Plane collides with chopper in MD, 3 killed
2014-10-23 - - A small plane struck a helicopter in midair near the Frederick Municipal Airport Thursday killing three people and injuring two others.

Boy, 7, run over and killed by ice cream truck, driver assaulted by angry mob
2014-10-23 - - A seven-year-old was run over by an ice cream truck in South Los Angeles on Wednesday and an angry mob assaulted the driver after the accident.

TN. toddler rescued after climbing inside toy machine
2014-10-23 - MARYVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES - An 18-month-old, Colin Lambert, climbed inside a toy claw machine at a coin laundry business and got stuck Wednesday. He had to be rescued after crawling in while his grandmother said she got distracted and checked a text message.

Gunman kills soldier at Canada war memorial, attacks parliament
2014-10-22 - - A gunman shot dead a soldier guarding a war memorial in downtown Ottawa and then attacked the parliament complex nearby before being shot dead by a security officer on Wednesday.

Beaten Giants fan speaks to media for first time since attack
2014-10-22 - - Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten outside Dodgers Stadium in 2011, spoke to media for the first time since the attack. During an emotional interview, Stow said he's happy to survive the tragic incident where he was beaten by two men.

Sunken WWII U-boat found off coast of North Carolina
2014-10-21 - - A World War II German submarine sank during a battle with a military-escorted convoy of U.S. ships in the Atlantic Ocean in 1942 has been found off the coast of North Carolina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Tuesday.

Denver teens headed for Syria turned back in Germany
2014-10-21 - - Three teen girls from the Somali community in Denver flew to Germany en route to Syria Friday possibly to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria but were turned back at the Frankfurt airport after their parents alerted the FBI.

Suspect in abduction of U.Va. student charged for 2005 rape
2014-10-20 - - The suspect in the abduction and possible murder of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was indicted Monday by a grand jury on charges related to a 2005 rape in Fairfax.

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