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Weird News

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December 30, 2016
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Grandmother, great grandmother who got lost while on way to NC survived on juice, snacks
2016-12-30 - DINWIDDIE COUNTY, VA, UNITED STATES - A grandmother and her great granddaughter were lost for three days while they were on their way to North Carolina to visit relatives for Christmas and according to authorities, the two survived on juice and snacks.

Trump Tower evacuated after suspicious bag left at lobby, police announce 'all clear' later
2016-12-28 - MANHATTAN, NEW YORK - A suspicious package was found at the lobby of Trump Tower in New York prompting people to evacuate the area and later, police officials have announced that it is all clear.

Pennsylvania mother drank own urine, ate twigs to survive after hiking almost 30 miles in snow to seek help
2016-12-27 - GRAND CANYON, AZ, UNITED STATES - A mother from Pennsylvania was able to survive more than 30 hours in freezing temperatures as she tried to get help for her husband and son.

FIU tight end Jonnu Smith's college career over after he's doused with boiling water by pregnant girlfriend
2016-11-11 - - FIU senior tight end Jonnu Smith's college career came to an abrupt end after his pregnant girlfriend doused him with boiling water on Halloween. Smith suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and an arm, rendering him unfit to play football.

Cavs' LeBron James on Donald Trump's win: Country is not built on one guy
2016-11-11 - - While he is disappointed over President-elect Donald Trump's victory over his preferred candidate Hillary Clinton, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James said the "country is not built on one guy" and we have to do our part to make America "as great as it can be".

Father hands out candies to passengers to let daughter go trick-or-treating while in flight
2016-11-03 - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - A father handed out notes and candies in plane in order to let his three-year-old daughter go trick-or-treating while in flight.

Man slit throat in courtroom after sentence handed down, found guilty of raping 13-year-old girl
2016-10-20 - SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA - A man, who is a former professor, was found guilty of raping a girl when she was 13 years old and after such was announced, he slit his throat in the courtroom.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reveals getting death threats over national anthem controversy
2016-09-21 - - San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick revealed that he has received death threats after he started his national anthem protest. In the regular season, Kaepernick has taken a knee during the national anthem, a move he said is meant to draw attention to racial inequality and police brutality.

Man shot and subdued by police after using meat cleaver to slice head of off-duty investigator
2016-09-15 - NEW YORK CITY, NY - A man with a meat cleaver sliced the head of an off-duty New York Police Department detective leading to police officials confronting the suspect and shooting him.

Meth lab uncovered under New York Walmart parking lot
2016-08-10 - - Police officials were able to uncover a meth lab under a New York Walmart parking lot specifically inside a drainage pipe in the area.

Tenn. lawmaker nabbed for alleged theft of opponent's campaign signs
2016-08-03 - COLLIERVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES - Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd was arrested on a theft warrant Tuesday for allegedly removing opponents' campaign signs in Collierville, the Memphis suburb he represents. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office released information about the arrest Tuesday at a news conference

'PokeDates' launched for 'Pokemon Go' players to find love
2016-07-21 - - "Pokemon Go" has announced that they have launched a new dating service called "PokeDates" in an attempt to launch dates for players of the game and pair them up if they are looking for love.

Viral photo shows supposed soul of man leaving body after fatal crash
2016-07-15 - - A photo has gone viral on Facebook after a soul is seemingly seen leaving the body of a motorcycle driver after a fatal crash that claimed his life.

Marijuana soaked in brain-preserving fluid by central Pennsylvania man: police
2016-07-14 - - A central Pennsylvania man is accused of spraying brain-preserving fluid to marijuana he smoked afterwards, police officials say.

Woman in wheelchair drowns after annual Sacramento riverfront fireworks show
2016-07-06 - - A 60-year-old woman, who was a disability rights advocate and was a Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointee, drowned to her death after the annual Sacramento riverfront fireworks show.

Family of Virginia teen who stepped on firework in Central Park said student had his leg amputated
2016-07-06 - - The family of the teenager, who accidentally stepped on a homemade firework during the Fourth of July weekend, said that his left leg has been amputated below the knee.

Local Hooters at Denver sponsor Cub Scout camping event, parents angered
2016-07-05 - - A number of parents in Denver, Colorado are angered and outraged after discovering their sons posing with Hooters girls and finding out that the cub scout camp was sponsored by the local establishment.

Man fatally shoots wife of nine days with crossbow, neighbors say he was naked before committing crime
2016-06-28 - - A Philadelphia man allegedly shot and killed his wife of nine days with a crossbow and witnesses claim that he stood naked before he attacked her.

After attending anti-gun violence rally, Baltimore rapper fatally shot
2016-06-27 - - Rising local rapper Lor Scoota was shot and killed by a still unidentified gunman shortly after the musician left an anti-gun violence rally in Baltimore.

Oregon teen stabs himself in the eye with a javelin after tripping
2016-06-27 - - An Oregon teenager, who is said to be a track and field athlete, has stabbed himself in the eye with a javelin after tripping but is expected to survive.

Increase in babies named after Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump recorded by BabyCenter
2016-06-23 - - Parents are getting caught up in the 2016 United States presidential elections at it has been recently reported that babies are being named after the family members of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Suspect arrested in Colorado for death of decapitated Texas man
2016-06-13 - - A suspect has been arrested in the decapitating death of a Southeast Texas man whose body was found in his truck near a boat ramp.

Aussie parents of children aged six and four left two kids at home alone as they travel overseas
2016-06-12 - - Two children were left home alone in Perth, Australia by their parents while they traveled abroad resulting to them being transferred under "appropriate care."

Kalamazoo shooting update: driver claims Uber app told him to shoot people
2016-03-15 - - The Kalamazoo shooting suspect, who fatally shot six people during the attacks, told investigators that he was being controlled by the Uber app via his cellphone, police said in a statement on Monday.

Google's artificial intelligence beats Korean Go champion again in strategy board game match
2016-03-11 - - AlphaGo, Google's computerized Go board game programmed on artificial intelligence (AI), beat South Korea's Go champion again in the second of their five-game match in Seoul on Thursday.

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