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February 11, 2016
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Scientists detect gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein
2016-02-11 - - Scientists have detected gravitational waves or energy produced by the collision of two black holes that the famous physicist Albert Einstein predicted in his general theory of relativity in 1915.

Former priest arrested over murder of Texas beauty queen in 1960
2016-02-10 - - A priest suspected of murdering a Texas beauty queen in 1960 was arrested Tuesday in Arizona as the case was reopened.

Meteorite kills bus driver in India, returning asteroid passing closer to Earth
2016-02-08 - - A meteorite struck and killed a bus driver in India on Saturday while a returning asteroid will just be 11,000 miles away from Earth at its closest flyby next month, according to NASA.

When **** happens
2016-02-08 - NEW YORK CITY, NY - Everyone defecates, but 'how' and 'where' are questions that highlight class, gender and cultural differences between us.

Nun, 81, charged with hit and run
2016-02-05 - - An 81-year-old nun has been charged with hit and run after she was accused of getting in a car accident then driving away and she now faces up to a year behind bars if proven guilty.

State DOJ and FBI joins investigation regarding bomb threats made towards Manitowoc police
2016-02-05 - - Supposed fans of the popular Netflix series "Making A Murderer" reportedly made bomb threats to Manitowoc police in an attempt to get justice for Steven Avery.

Unknown lottery winner loses chance to get $63M prize, claiming expires
2016-02-05 - - A California lottery winner lost their chance to win the $63 million prize, which will be the biggest if it goes unclaimed, as it will be expiring soon.

Trump accuses Cruz of voting fraud, calls for new election
2016-02-03 - - GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Texas Sen. Ted Cruz of committing fraud in the Iowa caucuses and called for a new election or the nullification of his election win in the Hawkeye State.

Sen. Rand Paul drops out of presidential race
2016-02-03 - - Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced Wednesday he is ending his presidential run and will just focus on his re-election bid in the U.S. Senate.

Cruz admits spreading rumor that Carson quit presidential race, apologizes
2016-02-02 - - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday apologized to rival Ben Carson and his supporters because his campaign staff apparently spread a rumor that the neurosurgeon quit the presidential race during the Iowa GOP caucuses Monday night.

Clinton didn't know how to email on a computer as secretary of state
2016-02-01 - - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not know how to use a computer to send and receive emails when she assumed the post of secretary of state in 2009, according to an email of a State Department official at the time.

Three California jail escapees recaptured
2016-02-01 - - Three inmates who escaped from an Orange County jail was recaptured over the weekend ending an 8-day manhunt.

Utah lawmaker wants to declare pornography a public health hazard
2016-02-01 - - Utah lawmaker, Republican Senator Todd Weiler, has filed a bill last week to declare that pornography is an epidemic that is harming not only the citizens of Utah but the whole nation.

Woman has .33 blood alcohol concentration, gets arrested
2016-01-29 - - A Livingston County woman has been indicted with felony drunk driving charges after she stopped her car on a sidewalk and sheriff's deputies found out her blood-alcohol level was .33.

Jail teacher arrested for helping 3 violent criminals escape CA prison
2016-01-29 - - An English teacher was arrested Thursday for allegedly helping three inmates escape from the Men's Central Jail in Orange County last week.

Texas executes game warden killer
2016-01-28 - - James Garrett Freeman, convicted of killing a Texas game warden in 2007 was executed on Wednesday in Huntsville.

Miami doctor who fought with Uber driver apologizes
2016-01-28 - - A 30-year-old Florida doctor, who was seen fighting with an Uber driver in a video that has since gone viral, has spoken out about the incident and apologized for her action.

American student found dead in Austria
2016-01-27 - - A Colorado woman studying while working as a nanny in Austria was found dead in her studio apartment in Vienna on Tuesday.

Divers searching for bodies of 2 BASE jumpers off California beach
2016-01-26 - - Search and rescue divers on Monday are looking for the bodies of two BASE jumpers who presumably drowned after jumping off of a 280-foot bridge in Big Sur, California last week.

Father, son killed in own gun shop after altercation with customers
2016-01-25 - - Two people have been killed after a shooting took place at a Pearl River County gun store between the owners and customers.

Texas woman arrested for DUI concealed drugs by hiding them in her rectum
2016-01-13 - - Authorities in Central Texas are accusing a 23-year-old woman of trying to conceal drugs she had on her by putting them in her rectum after she was arrested for driving while intoxicated last Sunday.

American woman's death in Italy under probe
2016-01-11 - - The boyfriend and friends of an American woman found dead in her apartment in Florence, Italy on Saturday remain as suspects to the homicide, according to Italian investigators.

Drone hobbyist sues FAA over registration rule, fees
2016-01-05 - - A drone hobbyist has sued the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its new regulation requiring the registration of all drones.

Dubai skyscraper catches fire during New Year's Eve fireworks display, 14 injured
2015-12-31 - - A 63-story hotel in Dubai caught fire and injured 14 people Thursday just hours before the New Year's Eve celebration in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Solar storm predicted to hit Earth on New Year's Eve
2015-12-30 - - A sunspot eruption on Monday sent solar flares and coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth that will produce spectacular Northern Lights on or before New Year's Eve when it hits the geomagnetic field, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

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