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September 1, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Released Clinton emails mention 'Gefilte fish,' 'lazy Boehner' and TV show time query
2015-09-01 - - Thousands of emails that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent and received using a private email account when she was secretary of state are out in the public and some of them contained bad comments on House Speaker John Boehner and queries about a Jewish dish and TV show schedules.

Gunman unloaded entire pistol into slain Texas deputy
2015-08-31 - - The suspected killer of a Texas deputy shot his victim 15 times emptying his pistol of bullets, prosecutors said in court on Monday.

Tallest mountain in North America renamed Denali
2015-08-31 - - The 20,237-foot Mount McKinley in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America, has been renamed Denali on the order of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell with the approval of President Barack Obama.

NBA dunking legend Darryl Dawkins dead at 58
2015-08-27 - - The NBA's legendary dunker Darryl Dawkins died Thursday of a heart attack at 58 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Dawkins' dunks-- which he dubbed with names such as "Rim Wrecker" -- were so powerful that he shattered two backboards in 1979.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump proves hair is not toupee
2015-08-27 - - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump insisted his hair is real and asked a woman from the audience listening to his campaign speech in South Carolina to feel it on Thursday.

Deputy kills knife attacker at PA courthouse
2015-08-25 - - A deputy sheriff shot and killed a man who slashed another deputy with a knife at the Chester County courthouse on Tuesday.

Maryland police foil drone delivery of contraband to prison
2015-08-25 - - Two men were arrested for trying to smuggle synthetic marijuana, tobacco, rolling papers, a hand gun, pain reliever and pornographic DVDs into a maximum-security prison in Cumberland using a drone on Saturday.

Screaming voices told Florida student to kill parents
2015-08-25 - - A Florida State University (FSU) student was hearing screaming voices urging to kill her mother before she shot her and her stepfather dead in their Tampa home on Wednesday, according to a witness who talked to the student.

Louisiana trooper shot in head by driver during traffic stop
2015-08-23 - - A Louisiana State Police Trooper was critically injured after the driver of a car he stopped shot him in the head on Sunday.

Boston police arrest 2 men over shooting plot at card game contest
2015-08-23 - - Boston police have arrested two men who threatened to kill contestants in the Pokémon World Championships on Saturday before they could enter the venue of the event.

Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores' crying photo already sold out
2015-08-22 - - New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores became emotional last month when he thought a trade for him was happening and now photos of that moment are sold out.

Honduran man pleads guilty to drug smuggling using underwater tunnel
2015-08-20 - - A Honduran man pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court in San Diego to smuggling cocaine between Mexico and the United States using an underwater tunnel.

U.S. Army produces first women ranger officers
2015-08-18 - - Two women have completed the Ranger School, the Army's premier leadership course, to become the first female soldiers to be awarded the Ranger Tab.

Mayor attacked with bat denies sex with wife of attacker
2015-08-10 - - The mayor of Talladega has denied having sex with the wife of his former radio talk show co-host, who attacked him with a bat on Saturday.

Browns to use Karlos Dansby's award-winning body wash
2015-08-05 - - The Cleveland Browns have placed the Montez Renault body wash of linebacker Karlos Dansby and his business partner, former NFL player Chris Butler, in the team's showers. It was named "body wash of the year" by Men's Health in its June issue.

Luggage part found on Reunion Island coast where plane debris washed up
2015-07-30 - - A damaged part of a suitcase has been found on the coast of Reunion Island near the spot where a plane wing portion suspected to belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 washed up earlier.

Coach Urban Meyer's likeness in butter on display at Ohio State Fair
2015-07-30 - - National championship winning coach Urban Meyer of Ohio State Buckeyes said it's a great honor to have his image cast in butter for the upcoming Ohio State Fair. Butter displays of Meyer, Brutus Buckeye, two Ohio State helmets and the national championship trophy they won six months ago were unveiled Tuesday.

Cardinals make Jen Welter first female to hold NFL coaching posiiton
2015-07-29 - - The Arizona Cardinals made Jen Welter the first woman to hold a coaching position in the NFL. The 37-year-old Welter, one of six Cardinals coaching interns, will work with the team's inside linebackers throughout training camp and the preseason.

Maryland boy becomes first child to get hands, forearm transplants
2015-07-29 - - An 8-year-old boy from Maryland became the first child in the world to receive two hand and forearm transplants, American surgeons who performed the operation announced on Tuesday.

Prison worker pleads guilty to giving inmates tools to escape
2015-07-28 - - A prison tailor shop worker on Tuesday pleaded guilty to supplying tools to two inmates, who escaped from the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora on June 6.

Escort kills suspected serial killer of prostitutes
2015-07-26 - - The man shot dead by a West Virginia escort he tried to kill on Saturday maybe a wanted serial killer, Charleston Police said.

Robert Allenby, caddie split midway through Canadian Open first round
2015-07-24 - - PGA Tour veteran Robert Allenby and his caddie have split after a heated confrontation midway through the first round of the Canadian Open Thursday. Allenby and his caddie, Mick Middlemo, had a discussion before his fourth shot on the par-5 13th at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Canada.

NASA bares find of most Earth-like planet
2015-07-23 - - The Kepler space observatory has discovered a new planet that most closely resembles Earth, NASA scientists announced on Thursday.

Champion surfer Mick Fanning survives shark attack while waiting to compete
2015-07-20 - - Surfer Mick Fanning survived a shark attack while waiting for his turn at the J-Bay Open Final on the eastern cape of South Africa Sunday.

Patriots infamous Deflategate ball sells for $43,740
2015-07-18 - - Auction house sold a ball from the "Deflategate" game Saturday for $43,740, one of the highest ever paid for a football. The ball was sold on behalf of Laura Nichols, who received it from New England Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell in the third quarter after teammate LeGarrette Blount's touchdown.

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