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January 22, 2015
Current Weird News Making Headlines

Patriots QB Tom Brady said NFL has not contacted him about deflated balls
2015-01-22 - - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady professed his innocence Thursday about the underinflated footballs and said he hasn't been contacted by the NFL about its investigation. Brady insisted that the 24 footballs were "perfect" at the time he selected those for referees to inspect.

Sandy Hook school shooter's home to be demolished
2015-01-22 - - Members of the Newtown Legislative Council unanimously voted Wednesday to demolish the home of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre shooter Adam Lanza.

NFL digs deeper into Patriots' ball-deflating incident
2015-01-21 - - The NFL informed the New England Patriots of its initial findings that the team's footballs in Sunday's 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts did not meet specifications. The league inspected each of the Patriots' 12 game balls twice at halftime and found that footballs were not properly inflated.

Overpass collapse kills construction worker, injures trailer driver
2015-01-20 - - A portion of an overpass being demolished on Interstate 75 collapsed on Monday night killing one construction worker and injuring a driver of a semi-tractor trailer that crashed into rubble that fell on the road below.

Boy, 5, accidentally shoots baby brother in head with handgun
2015-01-20 - - A 5-year-old boy accidentally shot his 9-month-old brother in the head with a .22 caliber magnum revolver killing the latter in their Missouri home on Monday morning.

British Boy needs to pay fee as he failed to attend a party
2015-01-20 - - A five-year-old boy from Britain was given an invoice that he has to pay as he failed to attend a friend's birthday party.

President Xi Jinping's look-alike gets attention from media
2015-01-20 - - Li Junhua, a man who was identified as the chairman of the board of the Dao Yuan holiday resort located in southeast China's Jiangxi Province, has gotten attention from the media as he looks a lot like the communist country's president Xi Jinping.

Shots fired near VP's home in Delaware, Bidens out, unharmed from incident
2015-01-18 - - Shots were fired from a speeding car near Vice President Joe Biden's private residence in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday night but he and his wife were not home at the time of the incident.

Runaway teen couple in alleged multi-state crime spree arrested in Florida
2015-01-18 - - Two runaway Kentucky teens sought by police for crimes allegedly committed in three states the past two weeks were arrested on Sunday morning in Florida.

Ousted, jailed Virginia delegate reelected, sworn in
2015-01-14 - - Resigned Virginia delegate Joseph D. Morrissey, who is serving a 6-month sentence for having a relationship with a minor, was sworn into office as a member of the state's legislature on Wednesday, a day after winning a special election to fill his vacant post while in jail.

Brewers now selling 'Timeless Tickets'
2015-01-14 - - The Milwaukee Brewers' began selling "Timeless Tickets" online for $1,000 each, Tuesday. The ticket, which weigh 1-pound and come in bronze with the owners' names engraved on, may be used for any future Brewers game, including a World Series home game at Miller Park.

Astronauts evacuate quarters in space station over toxic leak false alarm
2015-01-14 - - Two astronauts evacuated the American quarters in the International Space Station and temporarily stayed at the Russian segment in response to a toxic leak alarm on Wednesday morning.

Flames' Gaudreau applies for 'Johnny Hockey' trademark
2015-01-14 - - Calgary Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau has applied for patent and trademark to the moniker "Johnny Hockey" in sports equipment, apparel and accessories in both the United States and Canada.

Ohio bartender charged for threatening to poison Speaker Boehner
2015-01-13 - - An Ohio country club bartender had been charged with threatening to kill a U.S. official after he told police he could have put poison in House Speaker John Boehner's drinks.

County prosecutor regrets arrest of boy, 9, over court no-show
2015-01-13 - - An Idaho prosecutor has regretted causing the arrest of a 9-year-old boy for not appearing in court twice to face charges of stealing a pack of chewing gum.

Ohio State players looking forward to Urban Meyer's promised tattoo
2015-01-13 - - Ohio State won the national championship 42-20 against Oregon Monday and now head coach Urban Meyer is up to the test of fulfilling his promise of getting a tattoo after the victory.

Camel in rut tramples 2 people to death in Texas
2015-01-11 - - A Texas camel farm owner and worker were killed after a camel in rut trampled them to death on Saturday.

Families attacked in China with Feces, demolition department held responsible
2015-01-09 - - Chinese families in Sipo Village located in Zhengzhou City, China, said that feces were used as a form of attack to force them out of their homes last year days before the holidays.

Folding table kills boy, 7, at school gym
2015-01-08 - - A 7-year-old boy was killed when a heavy folding table mounted on a wall fell on him and hit his head at a school gym Wednesday night.

Nearly Six-Foot Snake Found Slithering Out A Toilet
2015-01-08 - - A five and one half foot snake identified as a boa constrictor reportedly slithered out of a toilet at an office called "Vertical PR" in downtown San Diego on Tuesday afternoon.

Oregon City, Ohio changes name to show allegiance to Buckeyes
2015-01-05 - - The city of Oregon, Ohio has temporarily renamed itself to show its allegiance to the Ohio State Buckeyes, who will play Oregon in the College Football Playoff National Championship The city will be known as "Oregon, Ohio Buckeyes on the Bay, City of Duck Hunters" starting Monday.

Study reveals some blind people use echolocation to "see" objects around them
2015-01-05 - - International researchers reported in "Psychological Science" that aside from relying on their other senses, the blind may also use echoes in detecting the locations of nearby objects.

Girl, 7, walks to home after surviving plane crash that killed parents, sister, cousin
2015-01-04 - - A 7-year-old girl, who survived a small plane crash in Kentucky Friday night, walked a quarter of a mile through woods at night to a home to report the accident.

Georgia town police chief accidentally shoots wife
2015-01-01 - - The wife of a Georgia town police chief is in critical condition Thursday evening after her husband accidentally shot her early morning.

9 killed -- including 2 children -- in Canada mass murder and suicide
2014-12-31 - - Nine people, including two children under the age of 10, were killed in a mass murder-suicide that happened in three places in two cities of Alberta province, Canada Monday night to Tuesday morning.

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