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Entertainment News
news Entertainment News
January 18, 2017
Current Entertainment News Making Headlines

San Diego SeaWorld will be ending their killer whale shows
2017-01-09 - San Diego SeaWorld just announced that they will be ending their killer whale shows and it will have its final ...

Kendall Jenner spent New Year's Eve with A$AP Rocky, others claim she spent it with Jordan Clarkson
2017-01-04 - Kendall Jenner is rumored to have spent New Year's Eve with A$AP Rocky while others claim that a video of the ...

Rosie O'Donnell calls Donald Trump mentally unstable, criminal in latest Twitter rant
2017-01-04 - Rosie O'Donnell once again took a jab at president-elect Donald Trump on Twitter as she called him mentally ...

200 teens planned fight at Philadelphia mall, talked about it on Snapchat
2016-12-30 - Teenagers fought once again at a Philadelphia mall and it is believed that the planned altercations and ...

Hulu and Disney sign new deal to bring 56 new theatrical movies to streaming service
2016-12-28 - Fifty six new Disney flicks will now be available for streaming via Hulu after a new exclusive streaming deal was ...

Jennifer Lawrence visits children's hospital on Christmas Eve, marks third year to spend time with kid patients
2016-12-26 - "Passengers" actress Jennifer Lawrence spent her Christmas Eve at a children's hospital and according ...

Netflix orders for a 'Fuller House' Season 3
2016-12-26 - "Fuller House" Season 3 has been given the green light as it has been announced via Facebook that ...

'Harry Potter' actor Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom, is engaged
2016-12-12 - Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" franchise, got engaged to ...

Kris Jenner talks about Dream Renee Kardashian, son Rob Kardashian
2016-11-22 - Kris Jenner talks about her son Rob Kardashian's parenting skills and how she thinks that her son and soon-to-be ...

Janet Jackson rumored to pay homage to brother Michael Jackson by naming her baby after him
2016-11-17 - Janet Jackson is rumored to honor her late brother, King of Pop Michael Jackson, via naming her first baby after ...

'The Walking Dead' S7 E4 shows Rick's team back in Alexandria, how their lives have changed since Negan was introduced
2016-11-14 - "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 4 showed Rick and the others back in Alexandria and how their lives ...

Famed fan Steve Bartman absent as Chicago celebrates Cubs' World Series win
2016-11-04 - Around 5 million fans packed the streets to celebrate Chicago Cubs' World Series win during Friday's parade but ...

Disney set to make live action version of 'Snow White'
2016-11-01 - Disney is said to be working on a live action version of their first ever animated film called "Snow ...

Tobey Maguire and wife end marriage, they were together for nine years
2016-10-19 - "Spider-Man" actor Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, are no longer together as they ended ...

'The Walking Dead' renewed for 16-episode S8
2016-10-18 - "The Walking Dead" was renewed for a 16-episode Season 8 and the showrunner of the hit AMC series ...

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