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2017-02-16 - Celebrity News
Fourth Estate Staff

Selena Gomez laughing at The Weeknd's diss track against Justin Bieber

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (4E) -- The Weeknd recently released a new song called "Some Way," which is a song with another artist named Nav , and many believe it is a diss track against Justin Bieber.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have been the talk of the town since they were spotted locking lips and flaunting major PDA last January. Weeks after, Bieber was asked if he ever listened to the songs of The Weeknd but the "Sorry" singer said no because the rumored new boyfriend of Gomez's music is "wack."

That statement of Bieber was in the music released by The Weeknd on February 15. As for Gomez, reports claim she is not at all bothered by the diss track as she actually laughed about the song when she heard it. An insider shared, "The Weeknd absolutely told Selena about 'Some Way' while he was still writing the track. But Selena handled the song just fine, there was no real drama."

The song "Some Way" had lines about a guy getting mad because The Weeknd is now dating his girl. Many believe he was pertaining to Bieber in most parts of the song. In another part of the song, The Weeknd sang, "I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me."

Most of the lines used in the song were explicit. Another insider said Gomez is okay with the lyrics of the song as she did not take them literally or seriously. She insider added, "She just had a little giggle about the song and laughed it off. Selena gets that it is Abel's art and respects his creative voice. She really sees it as no big deal."

Bieber has not commented on this yet. Gomez and The Weeknd are yet to confirm the statements of the sources.

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