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2017-02-16 - Celebrity News
Fourth Estate Staff

Angelina Jolie rumored to be dating Jared Leto

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (4E) -- Angelina Jolie is in the middle of her divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt but reports are claiming she is dating actor Jared Leto .

Jolie and Pitt shocked the world after announcing that they are ending their marriage last September 2016. The cause of the split remains unknown but many believe it had something to do with an altercation between Pitt and their oldest son, Maddox.

More on Jolie and Leto , an insider claimed it will not be a shock to Pitt if the two are dating as he always knew his former wife had a crush on the actor. In another report, Leto is said to be the person whom Jolie turned to during these tough times for the mother-of-six.

Another source said in a statement that there has always been a spark between Leto and Jolie and that they are "kindred, unconventional spirits — so much so that I think Jared could be the perfect guy for Angie if she's ever ready for a new love in her life." Accordingly, Leto reached out to Jolie after she filed for divorce from Pitt and that they have spoken a couple of times over the phone before finally meeting in Los Angeles for diner.

As for Pitt, Jolie reportedly allowed Pitt to see their kids more often than the former arrangement. After the divorce was filed and Pitt was investigated for alleged child abuse, he had controlled visits with the kids and had to have a therapist around.

An insider said, "He's recently had two different overnights with two kids without being monitored, and he's hoping to have them for at least a week at a time by the end of February or early March." However, Pax and Maddox aren't too thrilled to meet their father more often than the initial arrangement. The inside added, "Those relationships are still very tenuous, and Brad really hasn't had a breakthrough with the boys yet."

Pitt, Jolie, and Leto are yet to comment.

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