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2011-08-10 - Music News

Jay-Z tops Forbes Hip-Hop Rich List

-- Michael J Morsella - Celebrity News Service Contributor

New York, NY, United States (Celebrity News Service) - Rapper Jay-Z has topped the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King list yet again raking in a healthy $37 million over this past year.

Jay-Z tops the list for the fourth time in five years with Diddy coming in a close second with $35 million, and Kanye West coming in a distant third with $16 million.

"Fueled by the tail end of his 'Blueprint 3' Tour and a vast portfolio of business interests, Jay-Z barely edged second-ranked Diddy-who raked in $35 million, roughly half of that total coming from a lucrative partnership with Diageo's Ciroc vodka-but handily topped West, who earned $16 million," Zach O'Malley Greenberg's article in Forbes stated about the list.

"Jay-Z and Kanye are hip-hop ambassadors," Steve Stoute, chief of branding firm Translation and author of The Tanning of America added.

Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaboration album "Watch The Throne" is set to be released on August 12th after being released digitally on August 8th.

The power pair will be going on a co-headlining tour this fall.

Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings

1. Jay-Z: $37 million

2. Diddy: $35 million

3. Kanye West: $16 million

4. Lil Wayne: $15 million

4. Bryan "Birdman" Williams: $15 million

6. Eminem: $14 million

6. Snoop Dogg: $14 million

6. Dr. Dre: $14 million

9. Akon: $13 million

10. Ludacris: $12 million

11. Wiz Khalifa: $11 million

11. Drake: $11 million

13: Pharrell Williams: $10 million

14. Timbaland: $7 million

15. Swizz Beatz: $6.5 million

15. Nicki Minaj: $6.5 million

17. Rick Ross: $6 million

17. 50 Cent: $6 million

17. Pitbull: $6 million

20. T-Pain: $5 million

20. B.o.B: $5 million

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