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Weird News
2007-11-05 - Weird News
Isabelle Duerme - AHN News Writer

Man Arrested for Attacking Corpse During Funeral

Orlando, FL (AHN) -- A man was arrested by officials last Sunday for attacking a body during an open casket funeral at a local church.

The man, identified as Timothy Cleary, reportedly showed up during the funeral being held at the Harvest Baptist Church and, without warning, proceeded to the casket and started throwing punches and other physical attacks at the corpse.

The incident ignited the surprised and horrified reactions of the funeral attendees, who either counterattacked the man, or called 911 for assistance.

Local6 reported that Cleary was then detained within the church by police officers, and is currently facing charges for the incident.

Cleary was given a $350 bond, and was ordered by the courts to undergo a complete psychological evaluation, which will then be followed by further court proceedings.

United Press International informed that the cause of Cleary's attack is yet to be determined.

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