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Weird News
2007-10-17 - Weird News
Corabella Akut - AHN News Writer

Chinese Volunteers Pose Nude For Environmental Conservation

Guiyang, China (AHN) -- About one hundred Chinese volunteers posed naked along a rushing river for a photo-shoot to promote environmental issues.

A beaming He Yuanbo said his Love Life, Protect Water project only shows how much China had changed throughout the years.

"Twenty years ago, I definitely would have been arrested for doing something like this in China," said He, a photographer. "But now people are more or less starting to accept this kind of art form."

Signing their names first on a board before crossing the river at Kaiyang town, Guiyang province, the volunteers then posed naked for group pictures.

"They helped each other cross the river, showing the greatness of the human spirit," said He.

One of the volunteers, Li, 25, said she was not inclined to tell anyone of the photo shoot including her boyfriend.

"Since I was standing in the middle, I don't think anyone will spot me," said Li.

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