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2007-08-28 - Weird News
Nidhi Sharma - AHN News Writer

Thieves Stole British Teenager's Prosthetic Hand Gripped On His Motorbike

London, England (AHN) -- A British teenager lost his prosthetic hand after he left it gripped on the handlebar while visiting his girlfriend's house.

Jack Baker, 19, had initially planned to visit his girlfriend for 10 minutes. However came back after two hours to find it gone.

Baker lost his right arm after in an accident in May, and had a prosthetic hand fitted, allowing him to continue riding a specially-adapted motorbike. The hand disappeared last week in Bristol, the city in southwestern England.

"It's frustrating because my hand's no good to anyone else. I never thought anyone would take it though," the frustrated teenager told The Telegraph.

The British police is appealing anyone who had seen the missing hand or knew who had it to contact them. The teenager is worried he may not be able to afford the 450 pounds (US$903, euro662) it will cost to replace it.

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