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2007-08-28 - Weird News
Ed Sutherland - AHN Editor

Teen Swaps Hacked iPhone For New Car

Glen Rock, NJ (AHN) -- George Hotz, the 17-year-old teenager who made headlines for breaking AT&T's lock on iPhone users, swapped the cell phone for a new car.

On his blog, Hotz said CertiCell, a Louisville, KY cell phone repair company, offered the Nissan 350Z, plus three 8 gigabyte iPhones. The teen said he'll send the three iPhones to the three people who helped him discover the hack.

Hotz recently said he was able to use a software and hardware hack to use his iPhone on other GSM mobile networks, besides AT and T. When the iPhone launched June 29, AT and T was the exclusive carrier.

Terry Daidone, one of the founders of CertiCell, said he had no immediate plans to commercialize the discovery. However, the company hired Hotz as a consultant.

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