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2006-11-09 - Weird News
Matthew Borghese - All Headline News Staff Writer

Prison Paints The Walls Pink After Inmates Riot

(AHN) -- Inmates set fire to a jail in Missouri, but when they come back some might wish they hadn't.

Dallas County Sheriff Mike Rackley ordered the prison walls painted pink.

Rackley says, "There were several studies done by some universities and they have determined that pink is a soothing color."

"It's our hope that it will have the same effect on inmates."

The Sheriff maintains the color change isn't to punish inmates, he explains, "I'm not necessarily a fan of the color pink but we'll utilize anything that has been shown to work."

"We are a daycare for adults and, basically, they are unable to curb their behavior in the public so we have to house them here to curb their behavior. I'm sure the pink color will have a calming effect on them."

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