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2004-12-31 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Summertime And The Butt Facials Are Easy

Brooklyn, NY -- Summer is all about relaxing for most folks -- but for Brooklyn spa owner Kristine Panariello, it's about getting her staff ready to do a lot of "butt facials."

The owner of Spa Secret has perfected a technique for smoothing out the skin of the derriere, and estimates 50 customers per week will have the procedure at the height of swimsuit season.

The so-called "Butt Lift" involves scraping off the first few layers of skin with microdermabrasion, then giving a massage with a tightening gel. The final step is the application of a mask which heats up, cools and dries to form a "cast" of the customer's heinie.

Panariello says it's not just nude models and strippers who are getting the Butt Lift: Female doctors, lawyers and accountants are having it done to shape up for their swimsuits.

In addition, a fair number of men are having their bums worked on, mostly for acne breakouts.

The price for the procedure might knock you on your butt, though: $250 for a one-hour session.

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