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2004-12-31 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Man Changes Name To Pronoun 'They'

Branson, MO -- It may drive grammarians crazy, but a Branson, Missouri, man has legally changed his name to the pronoun "they."

The 44-year-old formerly known as Andrew Wilson (and now known as "They") says the moniker swap started as a family joke because he always wondered, "Who is this 'they' when people say 'They say this' and 'They say that?'"

They says he has a good sense of humor and decided to legally change his name and take responsibility for They. He even has a driver's license with the name on it.

They is also an inventor and holds 14 patents, including Ground-Effect lighting -- a neon light that fits under cars -- and Shades Eyewear, sunglasses which have a visor extending a half-inch from the top to shade the glare of the sun.

Of course, being the face of They comes with baggage -- mostly, the reputation of being a kill-joy. But They says "that's the yin and yang of life."

They has no intention of ever changing his name back to Andrew Wilson and says his friends tell him, "If anyone but you changed your name to They, they would think he had a problem."

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