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2004-12-30 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Around The Weird - Bizarre News Briefs for December 30th, 2004

Santiago, Chile -- A 22-year-old Chilean man has won a new car after spending more than 54 hours kissing the vehicle. Jose Aliaga was the last of 27 people to stand smooching the car in a competition sponsored by a Santiago radio station. According to Prensa online, he was only given one seven-minute break every three hours during the two-day-plus smooch session.

OCEAN CITY, Md. -- Maryland police have arrested a man for peeing in the gas tank of a stranger's car. The 24-year-old was intoxicated during the incident, in which a witness saw him insert his penis into the gas tank of a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. Maryland's weekly "Dispatch" newspaper reports cops caught up with the suspect after noticing a large wet spot on the front of his jeans.

CLEVELAND -- Kids in Cleveland were in store for a very white Christmas until local authorities broke up the party. Packages that were labeled as toys for good boys and girls were confiscated after police learned that the 55-gallon steel drums in which the packages were placed actually contained $7.8 million worth of cocaine.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court has ruled it was perfectly legal for a Reno, Nevada, casino to fire a female bartender because she refused to wear makeup on the job. Darlene Jespersen would not conform to the "Beverage Department Image Transformation" program at Harrah's, saying it was sex discrimination. The judges -- which were all male -- disagreed and found that the casino's appearance standards were no more burdensome for women than for men.

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