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2004-12-29 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Flash Lites December 29th, 2004 - Rip 'N' Read Recap

Auckland, New Zealand -- The New Zealand TV network TV3 is facing a wave of controversy for its decision to air the Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Beach" just 24 hours after the devastating tsunami in South Asia. The 2000 movie was filmed at two of the resorts affected by the waves but a network official says technicalities prevented the film from being pulled from the schedule.

NEW YORK -- Aaron Carter has dated both Lindsey Lohan and Hilary Duff but he's only singing the praises of Duff's singing voice. According to "Star" magazine, Carter says Duff has pulled off singing live but admits he's never seen Lohan sing without a vocal track.

LOS ANGELES -- "Arrested Development" star Portia De Rossi is getting a tattoo of her former lover's name removed. It's not a big mark -- just some initials around the ring finger, but editors at the "Female First" website speculates that she may have been pressured to do it by her current girlfriend, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES -- "Hero" star Jet Li acted heroically during the recent tsunami that swept South Asia. The actor, who was vacationing in the Republic of the Maldives with his daughter, escaped from floods that washed over his hotel. Hong Kong's "Ming Pao Daily News" reports Li injured his foot on a piece of furniture while carrying his daughter to safety.

NEW YORK -- Liza Minnelli is on the mend in a New York hospital after falling out of her bed and whacking her head Monday morning. There's been no explanation for the fall yet, but the diva's publicist tells E! Online that Minnelli is under observation.

BELMONT, N.C. -- A North Carolina man is $455 richer after auctioning off three tablespoons of water from a cup that was supposedly used by Elvis Presley during a 1977 concert. Wade Jones snagged the cup from the stage and stored it in a freezer for eight years, then melted the ice and transferred the water to a glass vial. He tells the AP, "It's one thing to be an Elvis fan, but then you tell them you have this cup and they think you're a fanatic. I'm not like the people bidding on this water."

DENVER -- A Denver man has come clean about an elaborate hoax that was designed to spread holiday cheer. Alex Komarnitsky, a computer specialist, designed a website that supposedly allowed users to turn his outdoor Christmas lights off and on. Komarnitsky started the site two years ago to see if he could use computer tricks to make it look as if the thousands of lights adorning his house were blinking on command. He finally announced his scam to the "Wall Street Journal" because, as he says, it had gotten "a little out of hand."

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