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2004-09-30 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Jenny McCarthy's Sister Makes Nudes With Playboy

Los Angeles, CA -- Jenny McCarthy's sister, Amy, is making nudes on her own.

Amy, an aspiring actress, has just posed for her first nude photos for, the website for the magazine that first exposed Jenny to the world.

It's an idea that has been a long time coming for the 28-year-old model who says she finally decided to pose for the magazine because, as she puts it, "I wanted to do it for me."

Although Amy shares the McCarthy family's beauty genes, she originally didn't set out to be an actress. She started out playing basketball and even won a scholarship to the University of Illinois as a point guard.

However, she's spent the last few years working on a showbiz career and is using the Playboy appearance to increase her exposure.

But while Jenny is known as a comedienne, Amy sees herself as a dramatic actress and has been taking classes in hopes of being cast on a soap opera like her favorite, "General Hospital."

It hasn't been easy. In her words, "I keep waiting for the teachers to show us how to do cat fights but all we're learning is where to stand."

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