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2004-09-22 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Trio Of Hurricanes Plants Bumper Crop Of Magic Mushrooms

Santa Cruz, CA -- Recent hurricanes like Charley, Ivan, Frances and Jeanne have been bad for homeowners but they could be a real trip for hippies.

According to ethnobotanist Clark Heinrich, psychedelic -- or "magic" -- mushrooms commonly crop up when areas receive more rain than usual.

Heinrich says the 'shroom boom is most likely to be in areas with a lot of landscaping bark -- and that includes the grounds near government buildings and industrial parks. In fact, he predicts thousands of psilocybin mushrooms are popping up near police stations but says the authorities have no clue.

Although Heinrich says magic mushrooms can help a person "learn more about the universe," he stresses that it's important not to take ANY wild mushrooms without having them analyzed by an expert beforehand.

Also, have someone who's sober nearby throughout the trip in case something goes wrong.

Heinrich is the author of "Magic Mushrooms In Religion And Alchemy" (Park Street Press).

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