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2004-08-13 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Audio CD Promises Perfect Mate Right Out Of The Box

Redford, MI -- The dateless don't have to be desperate anymore thanks to the creator of an new CD called "The Amazing Instant Mate" which launched this week.

The CD, sold at, is an audio recording that comes with either a man's or a woman's voice, heaping affection on the listener in a sultry tone.

The audio mates say things like: "Hello, baby. How was your day? I'm so glad to have you home alone with me. The house is clean, dinner is ready and I'm committed to giving you whatever pleasure you request to make your evening relaxing and stress free."

Creator James Wilson says the purpose of the CD is to give emotional encouragement without the hassle of having a real lover.

But Wilson says it's not explicit or X-rated, it's romantic and passionate.

He got the idea after hearing of an eBay auction of women offering their services as virtual girlfriends. "I took it a step further," he says.

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