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Weird News
2004-07-13 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Japanese Ghost Makes Punk Band Nauseous

San Diego, CA -- The lead singer of a Ventura, California, punk rock band is giving up the ghost: He claims he was hassled by a nausea-inducing spook during a recent tour of Japan.

Because Chris Jay and his bandmates were second on the bill at their show in Osaka, promoters stuck them in a cramped hotel in what Jay describes as "the brothel district."

Even worse, a mysterious wave of nausea hit every single band member whenever they went into their rooms.

Jay says he personally spent four sleepless hours wandering around the room thinking, quote, "I was going slowly mad."

He finally shed some light on the cause of the stomach-churning sensations when he told some locals where he was staying and they said, "Ooo, that place is haunted!"

Despite the pukey poltergeist experience, Jay says the band is eager to have more paranormal encounters -- including a camp-out by the side of Loch Ness during an upcoming tour of the United Kingdom.

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