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2004-04-21 - Weird News
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Phoenix Doctor Writes UFO History Book

Phoenix, AZ -- Americans don't know much about UFO history, but a physician in Phoenix wants to add it to the school curriculum.

Dr. Lynne Kitei is the author of a new book, "The Phoenix Lights" (Hampton Roads) that she believes will eventually be a textbook for fifth-graders.

Kitei says UFOs have been around for centuries but are under-reported in the history books. In fact, the good doctor didn't pay much attention to saucer phenomena herself until the 1997 "Phoenix Lights" incidents.

She documented glowing amber orbs flying only 100 yards from her property and had them examined scientifically. Experts are especially impressed because they show the sky in the same area before, during and after a mass sighting.

Kitei thinks her scientific approach will satisfy skeptics but figures the real audience is people who've been afraid to report their own E.T. encounters because the book "helps them heal."

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